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After making you guys jealous on my Instagram account, it’s finally here! My Athens travel blog. I’m super excited to show you some pictures and our little movie that we made during the trip. In this travel blog I’m taking you away with my boyfriend and myself on an amazing trip to the new and ancient Athens.

Ahhh, Greece. There’s actually nothing bad I can say about this country. Good weather, lovely food, friendly people … What does a human being need more?

Novotel Athenes 

After a ‘long’ debate of about a week, we (my boyfriend and me) decided to choose a hotel with swimming pool. Ok, actually that’s a lie … I decided I wanted the pool, my boy looked for a good hotel (no shame ?). Eventually we chose Novotel Athenes. It’s a 4 star hotel with the most gorgeous view on the Acropolis, a rooftop swimming pool, hotel gym and close by to most of the main attractions.

I must say we where a bit scared when reading the comments. They were good, don’t get me wrong here but apparently the neighborhood was crappy. Honestly? I’ve seen prettier neighborhoods but I haven’t seen the slightest criminal thing. No harassments, no annoying people, only graffiti… Lot’s of graffiti. Apart from this, the hotel was PERFECT.

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Ancient Greece 

Ruins, ruins and more ruins. But oh are they beautiful! It still gets me every single time when I see ancients ruins or buildings. I always wonder what it would have looked like, how mankind has created these world wonders (apart from slavery) and how it’s possible these things are so well preserved.

When you are paying a visit to Athens, even a short visit, you cannot unsee the amount of ancient ruins throughout the city. We were a very lucky couple because in the weekend we visited, the European Heritage Days took place. WE DIDN’T PAY A SINGLE THING TO SEE THESE WONDERS. Yep, we are some damn lucky basterds if you know a single Acropolis visit is about €20 per person. I think we saved about €100 on entrance fees because of it. On the other hand, we spend it on the good food … More about that in another paragraph ??.

Since we had five days, we could take it slowly and even visit the attractions twice. We brought a visit to Hadrien’s Arch, The Olympic Temple of Zeus, The Ancient Agora, The Acropolis, The Panatinaikos Stadium, …

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Who doesn’t love a good Greek dish? I’m a huge sucker for Greek food. I love good Greek pita but it can be very unhealthy. I found a lovely small pita bar in the middle of Athens called Tylixto. The best part? They serve whole wheat Greek pita bread. Love at first sight really is a thing when it comes to food. Oh and it’s cheap!!! SCOREEEE.

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For the really traditional dishes, look for the places where the locals eat. I had the best moussaka somewhere in Plàka. Unfortunately I forgot the name but it was an amazing place.

Also try to taste pasticcio, cheese Saganaki & baklava. Remember, food = life. Don’t eat less because you’re on a diet. Just don’t go on a holiday then! Greek food needs to be loved ❤️

Athens, the eye of Greece

Cosy streets, traditional music, flee markets, it’s all there. From the Syntagma Square where big manifestations take place to the touristic little streets next to the Monastiraki Square to the national garden, life can be find literally everywhere. Just be careful with your stuff, pickpockets (like in any other big city) are all around so keep everything close to you. Don’t let them distract you.

Anafiotika & Plàka are definitely must sees when strolling around in Athens. It’s the place where you can actually find the true Greece with lots of steps, small streets and beautiful colors.

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Below you can find some more pictures & our little movie of our lovely 5 day trip to Athens.

We had the best time in Athens! It’s definitely worth a visit.

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