Hi guys!

Although I’m definitely no first class rock chick, I do love a more alternative look too. This is actually a go to look of mine. I like to show what I’m made of, both ‘Guns’N Roses’. Oh and, did you already spot those amazing Lee Jeans I’m wearing? 


This jeans is not your average one, not only when it comes to color, but also in quality. I must admit, I usually go to H&M for my jeans, the cheaper the better since I really like to switch up. But now, I might be getting back from this opinion.

A few weeks ago my twinsel, Tessa, invited me to go with her to the #moveyourlee event in Antwerp. She won tickets via Belmodo and she immediately decided to take me with her. Huge thanks babe! I owe this outfit post to you.

It’s my first ever Lee Jeans. I always find it hard to spend more money on jeans than needed. But this one is soooo worth the money. I am even doubting if I want any other brand besides Lee … It’s that good, ya know?
It’s expensive, I have to admit but this quality vs H&M or any other cheaper brand, it’s just unbelievable. It’s my new favorite jeans and I even find it hard to throw it in the laundry (HAHAHA I do change my clothes every single day though)

Ahhh, those vibes … you feel them too? I mixed up 70’s – 80’s and 90’s to get to this look. This is a look that I always get me a lot of compliments! Why? I’ve got no idea. But I really adore this look. And to be honest, there are literally two pieces from this look that I own since this fall.  The rest is way older. So here’s the proof: recycling clothes are ok!
These pieces are so basic that every single one of you already owns them. If not: go to Primark, H&M or Zara, you will definitely find your basics over there.

As you can see, this look can be worn with or without a hat. The choker just give those extra nineties feels.

What’s your favorite jeans brand?

Hat: New Look | Choker: Chloe Van Overmeiren | T-shirt: Primark | Oversized knit: River Island | Jeans: Lee Jeans | Handbag: Coach



Pictures by Michaël Janssens

PS: if you’re interested in how I get that booty action, check out some exercises on the website of my colleague that is a PT with Lioness.be (DUTCH)!


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