Hi babes!

Since I finally found my motivation back, I’m happy to say I’ve made a workout for all of you! It’s a full body workout and it will not take you longer than 30 minutes, unless you want to do more of course. Let’s have a good sweat! You ready?

So first of all, let me explain my way of working out. I love short but intense workouts. I hate it when I’ve got to stay in the gym for 2 hours before I’ve done something that actually makes a difference.

Ok, let’s get sweaty together ok?

I used a Swiss ball for a few exercises but you can leave it out or use a towel in stead (on the floor without mat).

So I like to work with the system 14-1-14 which means: 14 minutes workout followed by 1 minute rest and end with 14 minutes workout.

First 14 minutes: 

Repeat these exercises until the 14 minutes are complete!

  • 15 pike plank with a Swiss ball. (Adjustable with a towel, sliders or just without any equipment.) Go into plank position with or without a Swiss ball. Engage your core. Keep everything tight. Pull you butt upwards to the sky with your abs and release. Always keep a straight back.

  • 15 plank with leg variation. Left toes touch the ground quickly, back with both feet on the Swiss ball. Repeat on the other side. Keep a straight back. Keep a tight core.

  • 15 plank crunches on a Swiss ball. Stand in plank position and pull your legs towards your chest. Keep your back straight and tighten your abs.

  • 20 single leg raises per leg. You can use weights but it’s no obligation. I just like the extra difficulty it gives.

  • 30 skaters (no weights!) it’a actually jumping from one leg onto another.

1 minute break

Take a short break. Keep breathing and keep on moving. Just walk around slowly so your muscles don’t cool down. Have a small drink. Not to much as it can make you nauseous.

Second 14 minutes 

  • 30 Donkey kicks per leg. If you don’t have any ankle weights, you can use normal weights / a bottle of water and put them in your knee pleat or you just do plain donkey kicks. Keep a flat back.

  • 30 fire hydrants. I like to refer to the excercise that looks like a dog that’s taking a leak ?. It burns though! Also no weights required! Keep your back straight and engage every muscle.

  • 30 back half moon leg lifts (or something like that). Also with or without weights.

  • 15 straight leg sit ups (with or without weight). I used a 5 kg weight.

  • 20 glute bridge. Also with or without weights.

You’re done! Don’t forget to stretch, eat some protein and take a shower ???

Great job you guys!

What’s your favorite and least favorite exercise? 





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