Sweat, sweat, sweat! Sometimes it’s so hard to motivate ourselves to go and have a great workout. It’s so much easier when someone motivates you, isn’t it? My colleague and fellow sporty chic just opened her own (women only) personal training club where she gives boot camp training. I went to the opening of her club March 10th and I’m sure you want to book a lesson straight away!

Spirit of a Lioness

Lions got a very strong willpower. They are creative, generous, dignified and full of integrity. That’s why Jaimy established Lioness, a place where she promotes health and where she helps us to become happy with our body both mentally and physically.
When I went to the gym, in the beginning of my fitness journey, I was shocked how I was looked at and how little support there was. In this all female boot camp club, you don’t have to be shy because people are looking at you. Together with the other ladies or during a one-on-one lesson, you will become the happiest and strongest you. Jaimy swears by a mix of cardio and strength training combined with a healthy lifestyle (just the way I like it!) to get to your goals.
Lioness Boot camp Club
You all know I’m a huge workout addict, sometimes at least. But finding the perfect workout can take some time. I love doing quick and very intensive workouts. It’s hard for me to focus when it takes longer than an hour, I get bored very easily. So circuit training is perfect. You burn LOTS of calories, you train every muscle in your body and you incorporate cardio as well. How can something be more perfect, right?

Jaimy, the owner of Lioness


My colleague and friend Jaimy is a personal trainer and just opened her own boot camp club. It was such a cool evening seeing her do what she loves. I went together with some colleagues to wish her the best of luck.
Lioness Boot camp Club is open on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. The first test lesson is for free so you can see how  Lionesses work out. For subscriptions, just click here.

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 PS: I had one of the yummiest cold pressed juices ever at Lioness Boot camp Club by Filoes! Find them on Instagram!
I can’t wait to try out a session soon! Who’s coming with me?
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Lots of love,

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