Did you know women prefer cosmetics with natural ingredients? I love how so many brands are choosing to pass on to the natural side. Schwarzkopf is yet another brand that jumps onto the ‘healthy, clean & natural’ train. The Nature Moments range protects and preserves the natural beauty of the hair without extra coloring agents and silicons. 100% extracts for natural and gorgeous hair? I’m in to try them out!

Did you know Schwarzkopf Nature Moments is the first beauty brand with a unique dermatological certification? You can find this certification in several skin care products. This means that this unique range got tested and approved by external dermatologists making that the products have an excellent skin tolerance. All of the shampoo’s are pH-neutral.


There are five different lines with different ingredients for different hair types.  Wow, lot’s of ‘different’s’used here! Let’s get more into detail about the shampoo.

Nature Moments Moroccan Argan Oil & Macadamia Oil

An exotic feeling without leaving your home.

What it says: This non-greasy formula with Moroccan Argan Oil & Macadamia Oil nourishes and repairs dry and damaged hair. Perfect for shiny and smooth hair.

What I think about it: The scent is amazing. Nothing bad to tell about that! This shampoo lives up to it’s expectations and is one of my favorites in this new range.

Nature Moments Honey Elixir & Barbary Fig Oil

Rediscover an ancient beauty secret at home.

What it says: The nourishing formula with Honey Elixir and Barbary Fig Oil strengthens and protects vulnerable hair against damaging. Perfect for natural strong and protected hair.

What I think about it: It has a very strong smell to me and makes it my least favorite one. It works perfectly fine but the smell just isn’t for me and therefore I really postpone to use it until I’m really out of shampoo.

Nature Moments Mediterranean Olive Oil & Aloe Vera

The Mediterranean feeling does not have to felt far from home.

What it says: The formula with Mediterranean Olive Oil and Aloe Vera nourishes damaged and dull hair, giving it a beautiful glow. Perfect for healthy looking hair with a healthy glow.

What I think about it: It really smells like you are walking through an olive garden. Whenever I use it, it just feels like being on a holiday. My hair feels soft and has that lovely glow.

Nature Moments Provence Herbs & Lavender

Close your eyes and breathe in the Provence at home.

What it says: The lightest formula with Provence Herbs and Lavender cleans normal hair, giving it a fresh scent. Perfect for clean and natural soft hair.

What I think about it: When it comes to scents, this is by far my favorite. I don’t know but Lavender just always does the trick for me. It does nothing special with your hair, leaving mine a bit frizzy. A tip: use this shampoo before bedtime and the scent of your hair will calm you down, making it easier to fall asleep.

Nature Moments Irresistible Raspberry & Sunflower Oil

Daydreaming in a heavenly sunflower field. 

What it says: This formula with irresistible Raspberry and Sunflower Oil protects your colored hair and gives it a marvelous shine. Perfect for beautiful shiny colored hair, from root to tip.

What I think about it (or in this case my mom): Since I have no colored hair, who’s best to try it out? Right: mommy. She liked the smell but she didn’t really think it had an effect on her colored hair.

Besides the shampoos I also received one conditioner from the Nature Moments Moroccan Argan Oil & Macadamia Oil line. It makes your hair soft and easier to comb through.

You can find the Nature Moments range by Schwarzkopf in your local drugstore:

Shampoo: € 2,79

Conditioner: €2,79

What do you think about the natural trend?

Lots of love,


This blog post contains products that I could test for advertising purposes.
As always I stay true to myself by providing honest and real opinions. 


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