Hi there beautiful! Today I’m back with a new blog post where I’ll be sharing some tips when travelling with only hand luggage. Why? Because I’ve seen an immense growth of passengers travelling with hand luggage while working as a check in agent. I’ve also seen passengers struggling because they do not know how to pack their items properly resulting in too much liquids. And this will be my main point: how to pack your beauty products and manage to stay within the regulations. 

As you guys know, I’ve worked three and a half years as a check in agent at Brussels Airport. I’ve seen passengers struggle immensely with liquids and let’s face it guys: it is really hard to obey the regulations of 10 x 100 ml. We (both men & women) got so many products that we just don’t know how to pack them all. In these past three months as a flight attendant, because yes I switched jobs, I learned how to pack beauty products without breaking the rules. Let’s get to business.

  1. Try to switch regular fluid foundation for a mineral powder foundation. This way you can already take one extra liquid.
  2. Stick to one lipstick for your entire trip.
  3. Switch your regular liquid makeup remover for makeup remover tissues. The tissues are soaked in the make up remover meaning there will be no liquids. Some even remove waterproof eye makeup!
  4. Take a brow powder or brow pencil in stead of brow gel.
  5. Use shampoo, body lotion, conditioner & shower gel from the hotel. No need to take them with you. I only recommend taking your own hair products if you’re staying for more than a week. Body lotion depending on your skin type.
  6. Put your favorite skin care products, such as day/night cream and toner, into a 100 ml bottle. For the cream, try to take a day and night in one. This way you already save some room for other products.
  7. Buy your favorite sunscreen in a travel size. You can find them at the airport and you don’t have to take it back home because it will be completely used.
  8. Don’t forget to buy a small toothpaste packaging
  9. Take a small perfume sample with you and use this one the entire trip.
  10. Switch your regular eye liner for black or brown eye shadow.
  11. and finally think MINI MINI MINI, 10 x 100 ml is the maximum you can take.
  12. PS: you can take food as long as it is NOT liquid. Be careful when traveling with babies who still drink milk. Explain it to the security and they will let you pass most of the times.
  13. Always read the airlines regulations on hand luggage. Some of them allow more than the other.
  14. Place smaller backpacks or handbags under the seat in front of you so the overhead bins can be used for trolleys or other larger items. This way you will surely please the whole crew & you will make sure less bigger handbaggage must go in the cargo hold.

I hope this is a bit helpful when planning your next hand luggage trip. I did my best to give as much information as I could.

If you do have some questions left, just send me an email or leave a comment below.

Safe travels!


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  1. September 20, 2017 / 14:47

    And a tip for the men ! Use a shaving soap and not a shaving cream 🙂 As it a block, it’s not counted as a liquid 😉

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