Eivissa, or Ibiza, known for it’s bars, exclusive parties, drugs and alcohol. When I told my family and friends we would go on a holiday to the ‘party’ island, they just looked at me and said: but you hate parties … Yes I hate parties but Ibiza is so much more than just ‘partying’. Ibiza is, very strangely at first, perfect for families with children and quiet seekers. If you want to know more about this amazing, not so party like island, click the read more link!

Ever since the sixties, hippies would come to the island to enjoy their free, flower power, lifestyle. It went on throughout the eighties and nighties. After that big trending period, Ibiza was ‘out of fashion’. Now, since a couple of years, the most western island of the Balearic is trending again.There still are hippies living on Ibiza and the partying still goes on BUT it also has a quite unknown quiet side. I am telling you my personal experience on this island.

We stayed in Playa D’en Bossa, THE party town of Ibiza apart from San Antonio. You have a strip with lot’s of bars, clubs but also restaurants and shops. This is the place to be to go out an about in Ibiza. We chose for a hotel rather on the edge of Playa D’en Bossa to make sure we didn’t had any nuisance of drunk people. There was actually no reason to be scared because we never had any problems with them. IMG_5975

When we booked our trip, we made an agreement. We wanted to relax, chill and maybe attempt one or two parties. And that’s what we did! We partied twice, at Ushuaïa, together with Avicii and David Guetta. So Ushuaïa, why that place? First of all, ever since my surgery I cannot stand to be in too crowded, dark places. It makes me anxious and sick. Pacha, Space, Amnesia and many other clubs are inside. This one had all of their parties outside! It was even more perfect because all of their festivities took place between noon and midnight. A good tip if you want to go to a club: ALWAYS bring an ID. You are not allowed to enter clubs if you are younger than 18 years old.

BUT, like I said, Ibiza is so much more than just partying! We enjoyed the sun, relaxing beaches and went on a trip to Formentera. So let’s talk beaches!


Picture by Michaël Janssens


The Playa D’en Bossa beach was fun! You could relax with some dance music on the background, buy a drink on the beach or some fresh fruit. Every day, proppers would come by to promote a party in one of Ibiza’s famous clubs (e.g. picture on the left) by shouting and giving discounts.





Las Salinas beach is one of the most quiet


Picture by Michaël Janssens

and relaxing beaches I’ve ever been to! It is the most southern beach of Ibiza, named after the salt lakes nearby. Hippie girls come and show their clothes, trying to sell them. It’s a very unique experience. Las Salinas beach is the perfect place to snorkel, relax and enjoy the beautiful blue sea. I absolutely loved this place and am dying to go back soon!


One of the trips we’ve done was a boat trip to Formentera, an island 7 km south of Ibiza. It is the hotspot for celebrities and most of the island is classified as nature reserve. Hotels are rare and the yachts before the coastline form a spectacular view. I must say, this island, WOW. Just wow. It felt like I was in the Caribbean without having to travel 8-10 hours. I’ve never seen water more clear than on Formentera. We just enjoyed the water, laid on the beach and relaxed. It was just perfect.


Convinced yet? If not, let me introduce you to D’alt Villa: The old town of Ibiza. We went during the day and at night. Let me tell you something: If you are going throughout the day, be prepared for the heat! It was just unbelievable. Thank God I took my SPF 50 with me! We strolled through the city and ended our day with an amazing meal at ‘La Oliva’: Asparagus risotto and cod fish for me, Argentinian steak with French fries for the boy.
I think we walked for about 5 hours, strolling through the small streets, walking the stairs, through tunnels, (there are a lot of stairs, trust me on this one!) and we most definitely enjoyed the view! We’ve seen the old castle, the old townhouse and so much more.

When in the new town, make sure to check out the shops, bars at the marina and marina itself. Amazing yachts grace the marina, little markets pop up in the evening. The new town is as amazing as the old town but both have different attraction points.
As we wanted to leave the new town and were trying to get a taxi back to the hotel, we bumped into an enormous crowd. We had no idea what was going on. And then we saw: we were in the middle of the Ibiza Gaypride! Wow this was amazing, people fighting for humanity, for equal rights and love. We were just overwhelmed with joy and love.


You can obviously tell we had an amazing time here in Ibiza and have experienced both the party and relaxing side of Ibiza. To me, Ibiza gives ‘good vibes only’ and is a perfect holiday destination for party seekers, to relax, for families with children, young and older, … Everyone can have fun in Ibiza.

PS: there are people who are trying to sell you drugs on the street, nothing scary, rather very funny. They try to sell ‘CD’s’, if you know what I mean. They are the most funny people on the Island and adres to you via the usual: ‘Hé boss, you wanna buy something? Some CD’s, coke, weed? And the biggest smile you will ever see! We laughed our eyes out. This actually made our holiday so much more fun!

How to get there?

If you are travelling from Belgium, Brussels Airlines flies you there as from July 2nd.

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