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You’ve been all asking me about my Polar A360 and I promised a review about this activity tracker… So here it is !

The Polar A360. I’ve read so much about this activity tracker! And since mine was broke and I needed a new one, I decided to go for this polar device. I was doubting, I must admit, between Fitbit and Polar. But after reading negative Fitbit comments, mainly about HR measurements, I went on and checked the pro’s and con’s from each device. I quickly ended up with an excellent score on the Polar (personal opinion) so I went on and bought the ‘new’ A 360. Within the first use, you have to link the device to your computer, polar flow website, via the USB cable delivered within the package or to your phone, polar flow app, via Bluetooth. Sync the device and add your weight, height, goals, etc. once this is fond, you’re ready to use the polar A 360.


The first thing I absolutely loved is the display. It’s touchscreen and easy to use. The time indication is very clear and your activity is tracked within the time. Each morning starts off with a completely blank time indication. The more you move, the more blue the time will get. Once the whole time is indicated in blue, you have reached your daily goal.

usb entrance and pulse heart rate

You can register different kinds of sports e.g weight training,running, outdoor activity etc.. There is no real specific indication for special sports like peddling or squash… Polar categorizes such sports as ‘remaining outdoor’ and ‘remaining indoor’.

The polar A360 gives you 3 main function: heart rate, training and ‘my day’. Let’s start with the last one.


Daily goal percentage, steps, km and burned kcal


When you open ‘my day’ this is the screen you get. It immediately shows you how active you have been during the day. When you touch that screen it gives you advise on how to complete your daily 100%. It tells you how long you will have to walk, run or stand to get to your personal goal.


latest activity

When you worked out and registered everything via ‘my training’ you can also find the results back in ‘my day’.When you open it, you can see the same screen as you finish your workout. This comes in very handy to keep yourself up to date about your daily workouts.

Like I said, to record a training session you need to open ‘my training’. You can choose out of different workout options. I mostly use walking, running and remaining indoor.

These two pictures give you an example of how the screen looks during a workout. It’s very clear and gives you a complete glimpse into your workout. You can check your heart rate and heart rate zones, burned calories, your workout time, etc. Something I find really cool is that you don’t always have to scroll down to check out your heart rate zones your in. The Polar shows you your heart rate and changes color according to your personal zones. When you are finished you get an overview of you performance. It shows your average heart rate, maximum heart rate, burned calories, in what heart rate zones you performed, your fat burn and what kind of effect your training had on your body.


When you first use your Polar A360 you need to set the activity tracker to your personal goals and with personal information, e.g. weight, height, goals, daily activity, … Therefore you need to plug in the device into your laptop and go to the polar website or download the Flow Polar app. I did the last one. Once that’s done, your Polar is ready for its first usage.

The Polar A360 has no separate heart rate chest band and measures your heart rate via the pulse which makes it easier. It’s also quite accurate. I used an activity tracker with chest band before and it gives the same accurate result. The Polar gives notifications when you need to start moving in which it resembles to the Fitbit. It is waterproof although I’m actually scared too try it out, but hey that’s just my loss.

I can definitely recommend this activity tracker. It’s quite high in price, € 199.95 (in Belgium), but worth the buy! The only negative part to me is the wristband. The part around the actual watch has gotten a bit too big and is now just hanging around but not as it should … this can be remedied by a new wristband though. I’m just too lazy to pick one up. It has a perfect fit around the pulse. Just make sure not to make it too loose or too tight, it makes it more difficult too be accurate.


Would I buy the Polar A360 again? YES.


I hope you guys liked this review. If you have more questions, don’t hesitate too ask. I might have forgotten a few things in the post.


Lot’s of love,




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