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Some time ago, I told that I would post something about Your Tea. What is it, how does it work and do I recommend this tea? Just click the link below.

Your Tea is an Australian brand but get it’s knowledge from ancient traditional Chinese medicine principles. They want to feed the body from inside out and therefor their philosophy is: treat your body with love and respect. The blends have been designed to deliver pure, simple and natural solutions for an overall well being.  The tea’s are derived from the Fuijan Province in China and are picked and packed during seasons that are the most suitable to create the perfect tea.

They have so many different teas. I tried out Tiny Teatox, Skin Magic Tea, Happy Tea and Anti-C. I must say, at that point I hated tea … after drinking Your Tea for the first time I was hooked. It tasted amazing and if the outcome was as spectacular as they promise, I’m sold. I first bought happy tea, tiny tea and the mini-makeover gift box, just to try them out. I quickly restocked because not only I liked the tea, also my mom LOVED it. And trust me, she is damn skeptical!


My favorite is Tiny Teatox which I drank for 14 days, 3 times a day. You drink this tea a half an hour before or after a meal. I instantly felt less bloated, my skin looked better and I had an overall better feeling. I absolutely recommend this tea. I don’t trust everything I see online but I’d seen so many great things that I absolutely wanted to try it out.  Most of those ‘detox’ tea’s are filled with laxatives. I find it truly disgusting! But this one, pure and natural. No laxatives. Just perfect. It’s gentle and cleans the body from inside out. When you order Tiny Tea, you will receive a cafe tea to try. Also included is a little booklet with all of the tea’s sold by the Your Tea company. It also gives you information about the different kinds.


I saw the results coming after 2-3 days. I started feeling better, more energetic. Also my ‘under belly’ was less then usually. When I was drinking the tea for about a week, I saw major changes with my skin! This was amazing. I was kind of shocked with the results. Every day I saw changes and this made me happy. Lot’s of tea’s promis things but don’t really fulfill them. So I was stoked to see that Tiny Tea actually worked. Now at this point where I finished my 14 day teatox, I like to add one cup of tea to my ‘diet’ when I’m feeling down, bloated or when I’m having skin problems.


Tiny tea helps with:

  • bloating
  • indigestion
  • problematic skin
  • cellulite
  • reduction of excess weight
  • increase energy

In every 14 day box are 42 teabags. There is also a gluten free package available.


I wish I had made a before and after shot when drinking this tea so you guys could see the difference but I forgot. Hahaha, sometimes I say I have Swiss cheese in my brain.

Enjoy the tea guys! I sure do <3


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