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Long time no see. Sorry it has been a while! I was off to New York City for a couple of days and I was helping my boyfriend out by checking his thesis. Today is a beautiful Friday, sunny and warm, ideal to get a tan on. Unfortunately many people ‘forget’ to use SPF or use a very low SPF to get more tanned. Just a quick reminder why you need to use a face and body sun protection.

During spring and summer, the weather can be amazing from time to time. I think almost nobody can resist the urge of jumping in their bikini’s or bathing suits to get a tan. Which I absolutely understand because I’m one of these people. When I was younger, I always wanted to have a major tan … Almost impossible because I’m a ginger and I’m vampire white. So here’s what I did: absolutely nothing besides baking in the sun without SPF. I always thought SPF would prevent me from tanning. Well … I was wrong. When I got older I started looking at beauty channels like Tanya Burr or Zoella. They where all using sunscreen so I started getting more into health etc.. Quickly I learned about skin cancer and their connection to people with brown spots (those suckers are all over me). I started working at a drugstore and tried to convince people to use the correct SPF for their body types … Not as easy as it seems because lot’s of them already got their ‘ideas’ about what’s good for them. Anyway, I’m still trying to persue this action of mine by posting about it, here on my blog.

I have quite the difficult skin. For the body, I suffer with sunallergies … For the face I have to deal with breakouts. When I was younger I used Nivea sun protection in SPF 20-30 until sun allergie came up. Ever since, Nivea is horrible for my skin. It doesn’t help me at all with the allergie so I switched up to Lancaster. One of the sales ladies at the shop told me she had the same problem. No sunscreen could help her with reducing the allergie, except for this one: the Velvet Milk Sublime Tan. And indeed! At home I never ever suffered from sun allergie again and when I go on a holiday, I ask for pills at the dermatologist. I use SPF 30 at home and SPF 50+ when I’m on a holiday.

For the face, I use La Roche Posay fluid Anthelios XL in SPF 50+. I’ve got a acne prone skin so I have to be extra careful on what to use on the face. I’ve been loving this one at the moment. It doesn’t give me breakouts, it gives me extra protection for my freckles and it as absolutely no perfume. I also use it every day under my makeup. Don’t forget this ladies: makeup does not protect you from the damaging sun rays. Even in winter!

Use the sunscreen every two hours and when exiting the water to keep yourself protected. And whatever you do: do not buy the myths about not tanning when using high SPF! I’m the living example you still do.

A little extra info about the two brands:

Lancaster beauty is specialized in skin scare products and sun protection with over 45 years of experience when it comes to sun care. It adds Full Light Technology to all it’s sun care products. They say this technology offers you its broadest sun protection with the targeting of sun rays on three levels:

  1. Visible light and infrared rays are reflected by a specific blend of reflectors
  2. UVA*/B** are absorbed by photo-stable filters
  3. Their patented antioxidant complex neutralizes free radicals generated by sunlight.

La Roche Posay is one of the brands recommended by dermatologists all over the world. They are committed to make dermatological skin care more accessible to those who need it. La Roche Posay is committed to offering help in all kinds of skin problems whether it’s acne, anti aging or any other issue and they help to spread the word about sun safety through their sun screens and skin care awareness. In every single product they use antioxidant thermal spring water.

Don’t give cancer a chance. (Kinda feel like a mommy right now ?, #sorrynotsorry)


* UVA goes more deeply into the skin and is more likely to cause quick signs of aging.

** UVB causes sunburn


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