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Here I finally am with my blogpost about the trip to New York with one of my best friends, Margriet. This holiday was a last minute decision when we last saw each other in I think April? Yes, it was April 10th! We actually see each other maybe 2 times a year but we talk ver single day! Crazy, right?! Anyway, this post is about our trip to the Big Apple. I can tel you this: we were healthy, unhealthy, active, non-active, party people and we had one of the best times in our lives. We made a video for you guys to show how amazing this 4 day trip was. Don’t forget to read the post too!

So, the Big Apple, New York City… I’ve been there before with my brother (posting this vid as well on youtube) and I was HOOKED. I’ve never been to such an amazing, inspiring city in my life. Although it is a quite expensive trip for my fellow European people, it is so so so worth the money! Here some info about our trip:

We flew with Brussels Airlines from Brussels to John F Kennedy NYC, in business class (because I work there). It is a 7-8h flight if you’re leaving from Brussels. There are other companies as well flying to NYC, such as Delta and United Airlines. Leaving with Lufthansa is possible from Munich, Frankfurt or even Brussels with a stop in one of the 2 mentioned German cities (you’ll be flying the A380!!!!).

We stayed in The Pod 51 hotel at East 51th street, close to Central park & Rockefeller. The hotel is more uptown but there is a metro station nearby. The receptionists, bell men, luggage guys were all amazing and sweet. Definitely a good, on a budget, hotel if you want to visit New York. My previous hotel, when I stayed with my brother was the NH Jolly Madisson hotel. Good location but no pleasant workers in the hotel. Also very noisy, dirty and small rooms. That is absolutely a NOGO for me. Never going back there!

When visiting NYC you can use public transportation. This holiday we mostly took a yellow cab to get around the city. With my brother, we took a metro card. An unlimited 7 day card that costs about 37$. It’s amazing to check out the entire city. The reason why we only took cabs this time was: we only went for a good shopping spree. I already saw everything from Liberty Island to the Brooklyn Bridge and many more. With Margriet, I went to Top of The Rock, Brooklyn Bridge & Park & Central Park.

As you will be able to see in the movie we partied. And we partied long. We had so much fun! The rooftop bars we went to were: The James Hotel (Jimmy Lounge) and Gansevoort Hotel (the Gansevoort Rooftop bar). Classy, good music but expensive drinks! Cocktails & wine are way more expensive than in Europe … except for party islands like Ibiza. BUT definitely a must when going to NYC: visit a rooftop bar.

With this holiday, Margriet and I decided to buy everything separately. With my brother I took an NYC CityPASS. It gives you acces to a lot of attraction in the city but also in Brooklyn, Queens, Harlem,… It’s amazing if you’re visiting New York for the first time.

Tips to eat: Bill’s Bar & Burger at Rockefeller, Little Italy.

MUST WHEN ACTIVE: SOULCYCLE. One of the coolest things I’ve ever done in my life!

These are the pictures from my trip with my friend Margriet:

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Check out our vlog from NYC on my youtube channel!





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