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Here I am again with a new review. It’s all about the Wireless sports earphones from Primark. These kind of earphones are really popular lately but pretty expensive if you want decent ones. I tried out these cheap ones from Primark to see if these where a good alternative. 

I’ve been using them during every workout and here is what I think about them.

First of all, they are cheap! 15 euros and they are all yours. I saw them and I wanted to try them.

Included in the packaging are the ears (of course), some extra silicon ear covers and a USB cable.


The earphones are easy to recharge via a USB cable. The sound is pretty good but another, more expensive and qualitatively better earphone will obviously be better. Nevertheless this is an amazing beginners earphone.

The connection via my phone went really easily. You make the connection via the power button by holding it until the blue light pops up. Then the power is on. Keep on pushing until the blue and red flickers. Very handy about these earphones are that it tells you when the connection is made. You can also answer phone calls while working out. Not that I want anyone to hear my outrageous  breathing scenario … But hey, be my guest to use that feature !


The only really negative part to me, and this might be a personal experience, is that they hurt like hell. They feel like something is cutting inside my ear. Whilst working out, the black long piece in the picture above is really annoying. It keeps on crashing into my face which makes it difficult for some sports to be fully played as they should.


Here are my positive and negative points about the wireless earphones by Primark:


  1. They are very cheap
  2. Good connection with my Iphone 6S
  3. The sound is pretty good for a cheap alternative


  1. they do hurt me … not sure if my ears suck or those earphones
  2. The long black power on thing can be quite annoying whilst working out
  3. I still don’t know how to properly put the earphones in my ear? You can wear them in any possible way.

Overall point:

If you want an extra spare of wireless earphones or a really cheap alternative until you’ve saved enough money to buy to good stuff, I say go for it. I wouldn’t recommend them for a long term use though because they seem to be cutting me in the ear.


I hope this review came in handy for you guys. Let me know what you think!





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