Ah, skincare products. I’ve tried a lot of them but unfortunately never seem to find the right one for my skin. I’ve got a really sensitive skin that is also acne prone. Too fatty creams give me breakouts, special ones for acne prone skin give me more acne. Yep I’m that kinda girl… So, I guess it’s pretty obvious I was stoked to try out this ‘All Day Dreamer’ day cream from a new Belgian skincare brand: Natural Self.

Natural Self is a Belgian natural skincare brand by Isabelle Ulenaers. She created this brand because she noticed our skin has to go through much more than it used to. A lot of natural products promise lots of things but never seem to fulfill their promises, Isabelle says. That’s when the idea popped up: why not make a 100% natural skin care line? Natural Self offers a wide range of skin care products -100% natural, of course- for all skin types designed to have a nourishing value for the skin without having negative effects such as allergies or any other side effect.

Every product is manufactured in The Netherlands and it’s packaging is made out of certified recyclable materials to make the ‘natural touch’ complete.

I used the ‘All Day Dreamer’ day cream for 3 weeks, every morning without skipping. I was a happy little kid when I got this baby in the mailbox. I was super exited to try it out. Here are my findings.

First of all the packaging. It has a beautiful pink, feminine packaging made out of glass with a wooden-like screw cap.  The cream is sealed with a white lid that you can place back after every use. I do prefer tube versions as I find them more hygienic than others. But that’s really personal.

When I first opened the cream, the smell was extremely familiar. Remember those blue Nivea pots that grandmas always used?  They used them as a moisturizer, body butter, etc … Like for everything. At least, mine did. Every time I pick up that scent, I think about her. And let me tell you, the ‘All Day Dreamer’ made me think about her too. I love that smell.

The day cream has a very light texture and spreads well over the face. It might seem a little more greasy in the beginning but is absorbed quickly into the skin.

Over the past three weeks I can only say I really started loving this product. In the beginning I was scared for breakouts, allergic reactions, … Because my skin is super sensitive. Thank God, it didn’t happen! My skin never broke out only because I ate crap during those weeks. I can tell the difference-, I never got an allergic reaction, it just stayed normal. Ahhh!!! I cannot tell you how happy I am to have discovered this amazing skin care brand. Finally, a brand that my skin can actually bear.

The price is a bit on the high side -€57,66 or about $63 USD- , but it’s definitely worth it. I’ve paid lot’s of money on high end products -such as Kenzoki, IOMA- that where crappy for my skin and some of them where ‘natural’. If I look back at it, mannnn … How much money did I throw out of the window. Anyway, to finish off this review:

BEST FIND IN 2016, I can tell you that!

If you have any further questions, just comment below or send me an email!





  1. August 28, 2016 / 21:17

    Seems promising!! Need to try it out x

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