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In my previous post with my first vlog I told you that I would make an extra post about my favorite finds at the Antwerp Fashion Festival. There where A LOT of new brands of which I had never heard of. Let me tell you all about them!

The first shop that caught my eye was  Elegnano, a fusion between elegance and nanotechnology. When I stopped at their little shop I immediately received some information about the new brand. Living by the motto: ‘Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee’, they are aiming for women that are fashionable and graceful yet already knowing what they want in life. This new designer footwear is made out of Italian leather and are high tech with a unique design. By using nanotechnology they can improve the quality of the leather. That’s cool, right?
The designstudio is based in Belgium and the shoe brand has already won lot’s of prices. Elegnano launches new collections seasonally at Milano Fashion Week during TheMICAM.

Katrien Herdewyn, the owner and designer of Elegnano, had developed a shoe fascination at a very young age. She channeled her inner fashionista when only four years old and had build a shoe shop in front of the house. I‘m most of all wondering why I wasn’t that creative at four years old.
After a lot of studies including a master’s degree in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (Leuven), PhD in Sciences and Footwear Design at the Academy of Fine Arts (Sint-Niklaas)  she specialized in Fashion Footwear Design in multiple schools resulting in her own shoe label.

Pretty yet edgy. I like them!

dscf0237 dscf0236

The second interesting brand/store was Roche RougeThis Belgian based brand (fellow my fellow Limburgers!) sells beautiful embroidery to put onto your jeans, sweaters, shirts etc. I LOVE IT! It’s a definite must have to make your own cool patched clothing (which is HOT right now). This is why Roche Rouge started it’s embroidered fashion accessories. You can prolong the life of your older clothing by renewing it with some fashionable extra’s what is their exact goal: REUSE OLD CLOTHES. The Roche Rouge garments are produced in Belgium with eco friendly materials. This means they do not work with seasonal collections but they believe it will retain their value over time.

Can I put them on my old jeans/t shirts already?

dscf0241 dscf0243

Next up is Manfred Cracco by Rodania. A new Belgian brand in which I fell in love with. Watches, I really love them. I inherited it from my brother who is an EXTREME watch addict. My watches need to have a middle class price with good quality. We don’t all have the money to buy those beautiful Balmain or Tagheuer watches. Manfredd  Cracco aims on this group with their collection (at least I don’t).
They believe in the people who are eager to live and are aware about it. People who seek challenges for themselves and who do their own thing instead of fitting the standards. Manfred Cracco is designed for the ones who are young and bold, the creators and innovators but also for the young, independent spirits who define greatness and consciously choose quality. The people that inspire.

The wristbands are changeable, the watch itself is Swiss made which represents high quality and gender neutral.

(looking at my boyfriend with puppy eyes while writing this part).dscf0252 dscf0253

These where my favorite findings at the Fashion Village. Make sure to check out their website for more info!

Did you visit the Antwerp Fashion Festival? What are your favorite brands?

I hope you liked this post.

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