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Are you also looking for solutions on how to get that clean skin? Are you prepared to look like a freak? Than I may have found THE masks for you! The new L’Oréal masks are perfect to put on at home, in your hotel (even in the lobby), markets, grocery shops etc. Come take a look!

I do love to nourish my skin but the problem is: too many products = breakouts. My skin can’t barely stand anything. The weekly scrub makes my skin look even worse so I quit that. I am still wearing masks every week because that is one of the only things I can stand. Perfect! Now I can test the L’Oréal pure clay masks. Why? First of all it’s super fun to do (me-time). There’s the relaxation to the maximum, the amazing scents and the perfectly soft baby skin afterwards.

L’Oréal understands this! Whit it’s three new pure clay masks they are responding to the fun part. On Instagram, they launched the #multimasking hashtag seen as art on the face. I own two of the three masks: the black one with charcoal and the green one with eucalyptus. The first one detoxes and brightens, the second one purifies and matifies the skin.

I applied the masks with an old (yet clean, of course) foundation brush. You can also use a special mask brush. Since I have a combination/oily skin, especially on my t-zone, I used the black clay mask there and the green one on my cheeks. Let it dry for about 5 minutes or until it got hard on the face and remove with lukewarm water. You can see at the end when everything dried up where the mask absorbed all the excess oils of your skin.

My skin feels like a baby’s bottom and feels amazing. I like these babies more than my expensive GlamGlow mask! They are about 13€ per mask and available in every drugstore. Go get them and have fun painting your faces! (Your skin will thank you later)

What is your favorite mask?



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  1. September 16, 2016 / 12:28

    Oeh, nu ben ik benieuwd! Topfoto’s wel met dat masker op!

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