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I love me some good and beautiful lingerie! You can already guess I was very happy to receive an invitation to celebrate the 30th birthday of Skiny Underwear. As I could take a + 1, I didn’t hesitate to ask my ‘Instagram’ (and now real life) friend Tessa from Anverelle. During this birthday party they showed us their new lingerie/swimwear/lounge wear collection SS17 but also two new highlights. You guys ready for this? 

Skiny underwear celebrated their 30th birthday by showing us their SS 17 collections but also two new highlights: Eve’s Garden capsule collection & their new active wear line SK8Y6.

It’s very important to me that lingerie and active wear both have high quality standards. I like to feel the fabrics and immediately feel if something is worth the buy or not. So that’s what I did at this birthday event. I must be honest, never had I heard of the brand before this invitation. So I went on the search for information. They have a long history in lingerie, 30 years (could you guess, hahaha) so that’s already a lot of experience in that world. Good lingerie is very hard to find lately. I always find it hard to find something that suits my needs and more importantly that feels good on my body. I want something that feels like a second skin, even if I’m wearing a bralette or sports wear. Nothing is more uncomfortable than painful underwear.


Skiny presented two of their newest collections apart from SS17. Let me tell you all about them.




Skiny presented us their brand new active wear line SK8Y6, Skiny 86, the year Skiny was founded. With this new line they are keeping up with the trend of being healthy and active. Skiny was already present in the word of Yoga and relaxation, the younger market with more cottony garments and decided to go further with their newest line.

I am a big fan. As a girl that workout almost everyday of the week, workout clothes are a must. I want them to have a good fit but I also want the m to be pretty. Skiny just launched a active wear collection that needs to be in my closet (I’m broke already, help me hahaha). You have the usual yoga and relaxation collection with mainly grey and pinkish tones (very soothing to me) for SS17. Next to this line they announced the new active wear line SK8Y6 that’s more colorful and fun. The moment brand bring out entire outfits, I am hooked. I love wearing matching sportsbras and pants. Although my closet is mostly filled with separate pieces I do now have an excuse to buy me new outfits (wink, wink).


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The picture itself does not need very much of an explanation I guess. Don’t you think this capsule collection is GORGEOUS? My preference? The body and bralette with panty. What can I say: I’m a lace kinda girl.
The Eve’s Garden collection itself consisted out of a lacy body, bralette with panty, a silky dressing gown with grey drawings, matching pj’s and even a jumpsuit to sleep in! That was definitely a first. I already know the ‘onesie’ but this was way more elegant and classy. I cannot wait to get my hands on that body and cute lacy set. Maybe an amazing Christmas present? You better start thinking about those soon enough (right, Michaël? <3 ).



The normal Skiny collection is all about soft cotton. Ahhhhhh, so soft! Lovely colors, beautiful designs, funny quotes, Skiny features them all. When I felt the bras I never wanted to let them go again. What would it have been if we could actually try on the bras (damnnnnnnnn). I think I would have walked out with 20 bags full of lingerie.
They also showed their swimwear collection. Too bad I just got back from Athens!


Below you can find a little overview from the fun evening at the Skiny event.

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Thank you for the invitation Skiny! I had a blast.

Did you already know about Skiny? What’s your favorite collection?






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