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Did you also tell yourself several times to get started with yoga? Well, your not alone. I’ve tried several times and always fall out. There are so many different kinds of yoga in the world that you maybe just didn’t find your favorite variation yet? Don’t fear my loved ones, Zalando is saving us all with their new #ZalandoLovesYoga commercial.

Yoga, what is it?

There are so many cliches in the world of yoga that we need to erase from our lives. Why? Because every person gives a different meaning to Yoga. It’s a philosophy, a way of life or maybe more a workout routine, you are the only person that’s in charge of the meaning of yoga.

Yoga studio’s are simply everywhere, growing like crazy. Even fitness clubs started offering yoga lessons. But that’s a thing we know already. What we might didn’t know is that yoga was founded thousands of years ago in India with universal principles. It came to the US via Asia and has finally reached Europe.

Most of us seem to doubt whether it can be seen as a workout or as a meditation/relaxation course. Well, the big surprise is that yoga is apparently multi functional. Combining both you’re not only training your body but also the mind. Isn’t that a blast!
You can use yoga for more energie, relaxation, a body detox and is the perfect after workout stretch.

Why is yoga good for us?

The one thing we all should know: the advantages of yoga are scientifically proven to us. If you area stressful person, go ahead and try it! It sure helps me if I’m heaving a stressful day. Yoga is super relaxing and we all love to relax, right? By doing yoga positions, called asana’s, you will work on the flexibility of your body. Give it some time though, you will not be able to perform a perfect downward dog or crow pose the first time. I know a lot of people will get frustrated, I am one of you (welcome to the club!), but make sure to give it some time. Ancient Rome wasn’t build in a day either.

A good relaxation also means a god breathing rhythm. Yogi’s tend to breath more slow and deep so your body goes into a relaxation mode. It can also make sure you loose those extra kilo’s that you are desperately willing to let go off.


Kinds of yoga

I started yoga after my surgery to let go and to come in peace with myself. It worked out very well but I stopped because it was ‘too relaxing’. I know right? What kind of crazy person am I, not liking too much relaxation? Well I’m just a very active one and I like my ‘workout’ to be active as well. I’ve never followed any yoga course so I cannot tell you how the different kinds of yoga feel but I can tell you this. Try to hang in there. I know it’s coming from yoga quitter number 1 but I’m super happy Zalando has introduced me again into the world of yoga. I definitely feel way better when I incorporate yoga into my life. There are no special courses in my environment so I’m sticking to the usual YouTube videos. Just be aware there are A LOT of different kinds of yoga, you will just have to look for your favorite one. Each and every one of them focuses on a different aspect: relaxing, strength, stretching, flexibility, loosing weight, … . Find your perfect yoga match via Zalando and give it a try!

Yoga can be done alone or in group. If you really like the quiet part of yoga I suggest a home based yoga routine would suit you more. I started of with 30 days of yoga by Adrienne which you can find on YouTube and Zalando’s own yoga videos by Annie Clarke.


Yoga must haves

If you want to start of with Yoga be aware you only need two things: a yoga mat and a comfortable and adequate outfit. Make sure your mat is anti-slip! If not it can become super dangerous. Normally you will do yoga barefooted. There are some yoga shoes on the market but I stick to the old barefooted methode. That way your body is more connected to the earth. On Zalando you can find all the material you should need.

On the pictures I’m wearing my Ivy Park grey legging with my Born Borg sport bra. I have a yoga mat by HKMX by Hunkemöller.


Motivation: check, outfit: check. Now we only have to accept the Zalando challenge! It’s already going on since September 17th but you can still participate until October 9th. What can you win? AMAZING prices such as a trip to LOS ANGELES!!! If that isn’t motivation to get started, I don’t know.

So what do you need to do? Choose one of the ten yoga poses from Zalando’s website and post YOUR OWN picture on Instagram. Don’t forget to hashtag with #zalandolovesyoga and tag @zalando. Find more information about participating here.


Are you ready to find your perfect yoga style?

Good luck & namaste,



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