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If you are following me on Instagram I think it safe to say my house is my gym. I love to do my resistance training at home and my cardio outdoors. Now with cooler weather coming up (pls go away) I’m thinking about getting a new gym membership soon. Anyway, these exercises can be done either at home or in the gym. No equipment is needed so let’s work that core!



My number 1 exercise for my core is plank. This asks a lot of the entire body. If a minute generally goes by fast, you haven’t tried a minute of planking. I mostly do a plank for one minute each time but I do it multiple times per workout, 3 x 60 sec (3 rounds of exercising of each 60 sec plank). It’s perfectly normal if you cannot hold 60 sec plank when you just start to workout. Try to begin with maybe 20 seconds per time and build it up when you get better at it. The most important thing to remember when planking is to keep a good posture. When your posture is bad, you can bring damage to your back, neck, etc. Stand in push up position, keep a flat back and pull in your stomach. If a normal plank is too hard, why not adjust it to a knee plank? No shame in that! I did knee planks for 6 months.


Ahhh toe touches, another one of my favorites. This one works the upper abs. Lay flat on your back, hands behind your head and legs up. Keep this posture and start ticking your toes. Come back to the starting position and do this exercise for at least 15 times. If you want to intensify the workout add in some weights!


Although the pain is real in this picture, it’s such an effective exercise for your lower abs but it can hurt your back. Make sure your back stays flat on the mat or place your hands just like mine below the hip joints. Lay with a flat back on the mat, legs up and slowly bring them down without curling your back. When you reach your stop point bring your legs back into starting position. Keep your back as flat as possible. If you want to make the exercise more intense, try to add in some ankle weights! Start with 10 leg raises and built it up as you get better in them.


I’ve got a love/hate relationship with bicycle crunches. Sometimes they kill me and sometimes I don’t feel a single thing. But they do give me the results I want! Lay on your back, go into a crunch position and pull you right elbow to your left knee. Do the same thing on the opposite side: left elbow to right knee. That’s one rep! Do about 10 reps per side which makes 20 in total.

A little core workout:

60 sec plank

30 bicycle crunch

15 burpees

15 leg raises

15 toe touches

60 sec jumping jacks

Repeat 3-4 times

These are a few of my go to core exercises! Let me know if you try them out.

Would you like to see more of these blog posts? What’s your favorite core exercise?




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