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I’m back again with a personal story. Why? Because today a few things happened. One: I’m on the cover of Flair magazine (wait what??!!!) and two: in that Flair magazine is an interview with me that tells you my brain tumor story. As I stated in there it can be very hard to remain ‘healthy’. Let me explain myself in this post.

Living with a health condition can be very hard. It’s first of all an enormous challenge to accept the fact that you have a health issue. This part itself can be very challenging because you can sometimes see yourself tumble down when there’s no way to get back up. I always try to ignore this fact. I remain as possible as I can be. Is this easy, absolutely not but it’s necessary.

Even when your sickness has been cured or your surgery has been done, you will always carry the scars both mentally and physically. You have to learn to accept the fact that your body cannot do the things you used to do, no matter how hard you try. And trust me, this is damn painful. Knowing you will never be able to become your old self, it can be devastating. It definitely does not mean you need to let it define your life. Ok it’s hard to accept this but your life can still be precious and gorgeous. You just need to be positive and accept, nothing more. For me personally, I think it took about 2 months to figure this out. I just had my surgery (september 4th 2014) and my life was in ruins, literally. I thought a lot, about life and especially why. Why me? Why this young? Just,WHY? And then I just stopped thinking. Did I really want to spend the rest of my life thinking this same negative ‘shit’? Did I really want to stare day in and out? The answer was very simple: NO. I want to enjoy my life, do the things I love and accept the fact not everything was possible anymore.

In this life there are moments I’m still learning. Yes I do things my body cannot handle but I quickly learn to stop doing those things. My body is quickly overloaded. So I need to adapt very fast. The last time I didn’t listen to my body I had to stay at home for three weeks, in the couch, no workouts … awful. I’m still exploring and learning every single day but don’t try to focus on the things you cannot do, focus on the things you can still do. You are still alive and kicking so no need to focus on the ‘negative’ sides of live. Focus on positivity like I said before and the rest will follow.

I hope this little text can help everybody out! Leave me a comment below if you want me to write another personal post.






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  1. Anne
    October 12, 2016 / 13:37

    You are so strong ?! Love to read your blog! Every story is so honest and real. You go girl ?! And I totally get it. Personally I don’t have a serious health condition, but I have a knee injury now for 10 years. I always loved to workout but when my knee gets inflammed I have to stop instant of what I’m doing. For a long time i did not had the strenght to get over it mentally. I just went on the easy road and stopped all working out. After a few years I finally pulled myself together and started crossfit. I loved it and could adapt my workouts for my knee. I loved every single minute of it. And than one day, my shoulder was like no. And now I cant do anything. Physical therapy doesn’t work, injections do not work, and I may not lift anything heavy of put my arms above my head. And now Im stuck. I dont have the strenght mentally to pull myself together, gained weight, and everything is shite haha. I envy you and look Up to you! Thanks for your amazone stories ❤️?

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