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Last week Thursday (October 13th 206) I was invited at the ProNails Belgium headquarters to see the launch of their brand new hand care line. In the meantime we could also look at their new colors for fall / winter 2016 (will make another post about the new nail polishes). All of this was accompanied by nice company, yummy healthy food & a lovely manicure. Come and take a look and discover their newest hand care line and colors.

Let’s first meet their amazing hand care line. ProNails wanted to launch one for a long time but wanted to make sure their clients had a say in it. So they asked around what their clients missed in good hand care because let’s face it, there are so many hand care lines in the stores you can’t see the Wood for the Trees. But there it was, the thing we all missed: anti-aging. Why is that? We all fear age and we try to stay as young as we can. Now what’s the place that shows the signs of aging first? Our hands! Let’s meet the products of ProNails’ hand care line.


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According to ProNails it is best to use the whole line to get the best results but you can use them separately too. Oh and uh, I’m wish listing the collection for Christmas.

So anti-age, is it actually true? That’s what we’re all thi

nking, right? Well, with only some anti-aging products you might see a little difference. But for the big TADABOOM you need to keep some things in mind:

  • protect your hands against UVA AND UVB
    The biggest ‘asshole’ when we look at signs of aging is the sun. Yes, our beloved sun which we love so dearly. We forget the fact that the sun (even when it’s not visible or behind glass) is damaging not only our faces but also our hands. That’s why we need to wear SPF! It will help you reduce the signs of aging but be aware that the strength of SPF fades after a while. So when you washed your hands you need to add a new layer. And a good tip: throw away SPF that’s older than 1 year, it will not give enough protection to your skin.
  • Neutralize radicals with extra antioxidants
    Through a combo of stress, bad food, an irregular lifestyle & harmful substances from outside your skin will have more free radicals which attack every cell in your body. Antioxidants are the body’s attackers against those radicals but when we get older, the antioxidants will be less active. That’s why we need to eat more antioxidants throughout the day and pick products with natural antioxidants.
  • Arm your skin against pollution
    Pollution, soot, the ozone -and nitrogen dioxide damage our skin enormously. The rise of pollution goes hand in hand with getting more pigmentation. Pick active ingredients that protect your skin against the pollution in your area.
  • Hydrate!
    Hydration is key. Heard that a lot? Well … it’s true. Noting clears up the skin more than water. Your skin reduces the natural making of collagen and elastine at the age of 20. Your skin is less flexible, dryer and will show more wrinkles. And we don’t want that! So like I said before: Hydration is key.
  • Respect the neutral PH value of the skin
    Our skin is naturally protected by sweat, tallow and dead skin cells. This helps to keep the skin hydrated and gives us a PH-value of about 4,5 – 5,5. It’s very important to keep this value because a higher value equals more wrinkles.

You can buy this hand care line in a salon or specialist store except for the hand mask. This one is only available for professional use in beauty salons.

After our visit we received a goodiebag with (among other things) the deep defense hand serum. Your hands feel super soft afterwards and you can definitely feel results very quickly. Will you wishlist one of the products above? It’s an amazing Christmas present if you ask me!

Thank you to ProNails and Global Image Pr for this sweet invitation!






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