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Who doesn’t know this problem: you do your nails perfect and the next day they’re already chipping. Well, ProNails just saved our ‘nail polish’ dreams by introducing us to nail polish that stays on for more than a week! Let’s have a look.

Who doesn’t love a good nail polish? I do! I’ve never really found a good nail polish that holds on for longer than 2-3 days. There’s nothing I hate more than chipping nails so I opted for fake nails to keep them nice and clean at all times. Very important at my job. But now, after discovering the nail polishes of ProNails I’m pretty mad at myself. These nail polishes stay on for more than a week!!! I mean … that’s two times longer than a normal nail polish. WHY DID I OPT FOR FAKE NAILS AGAIN? Hahahha, shit … oké no big deal. I still have my toe nails :-p.

ProNails HQ Brasschaat

I got a chance to visit the ProNails’ headquarter in Brasschaat, Antwerp. Of course I took my twin Tessa with me. (if you haven’t checked out her blog, shame on you!!!) It was a fun afternoon filled with healthy snacks, lot’s of nail polish, the presentation of their new hand care line (check my previous post) and a little manicure. Unfortunately that manicure was not for me since I have gel nails … my inner self cried at that moment.

LongWear Nail Polish in 1-2-3

With the LongWear Colorfix Technology, you will break all the nail polish records. This unique nail polish stays on twice as long as any other nail polish. It’s a three step line but definitely worth your time.

  1. Protect your nails against discoloration with LongWear start.
  2. Pick your favorite trendy color. Apply in two coats.
  3. After three minutes you can apply the LongWear Finish coat to finish off.

Make sure to do these steps in natural daylight so the active ingredients will be activated. Thanks to the new flat and rounded brush, the polish will be spread evenly.

A long lasting nail polish with a lot of colors? Look no further because ProNails LongWear nail polish will become your holy grail.

Rising Sun Collection

From Japanese prints to delicate silk, let’s take a journey throughout the East. Japan has always been a country of many contrasts: timeless elegance in the traditional Japanese culture to the land of the mega cities, futuristic technology, nail art and emoji’s. This describes the first LongWear collection best. It’s full of passion and very sophisticated.

Cherry Blossom is a color inspired by the Japanese cherry blossom season in which whole forests become Fushia pink.

Red Lantern is an eye catching red inspired by the red lips of a white faced Geisha.

Evening Orchid is a dark purple color that will make you the queen of the night.

Empire of the Sun Oriental yellow gold that shines like the sun.

Geisha Garden is inspired by the dark green Japanese pine tree branches and my personal favorite from this collection.

Silk Market is a chic old pink nail color with a silk soft shine.


Color Code Collection

Ahhhhhh … autumnal earthy color schemes mixed with some sixties and seventies vibes. This one is inspired by the beautiful autumn day with cold blue skies, discolored leafs and a little rivers with some pebbles. Ready to go vintage?

Dress Code is a gorgeous purple that will fit every outfit this season.

Pebble Purse is a pebble grayish color that will serve as a perfect warm nude color.

Casual Chic is a cool heavenly blue that will make you stand out of the crowd.

Cocoa Couture is basically chocolate on your nails. Who can say no to that? I definitely can’t because this is my first favorite of this collection.

Aged Cognac will be my second favorite color from this collection. With the added touch of gold it’s an absolute fashionista color.

Burnt Red is another gorgeous yet not so classical red. It’s a rusty red that will suit the earthly color scheme perfectly.


Back to Wool Collection

Pretty nudes are life just like big over sized sweaters and scarfs. The End.



Show Some Skin will perfection your own nails. It’s the nude color everybody needs.

Melted Marshmallow is my personal fave when it comes to this collection. I mean, marshmallows? They are awesome.

Back To Wool is named after this collection. It’s a grey color with just a tiny hint of purple. Who said grey is boring apparently never watched  shades of grey!


I was one happy girl when I opened my goodie bag on that lovely Thursday afternoon. One of my favorite nail colors was inside: Aged Cognac !!!
I also loved meeting new bloggers (Hi there, Astrid!), getting to know the newest hand care line and the most gorgeous nail polishes.



Thank you Global Image PR and ProNails HQ for inviting me to this fun afternoon! 

What’s your favorite color? Let me know in the comments below <3






  1. October 24, 2016 / 17:37

    Pictures looking awesome again, babe! ??

    • Fit Ginger Eef
      October 24, 2016 / 17:38

      Ahw thanks babe ❤️?

  2. November 22, 2016 / 16:03

    Oh ik was er ook in de voormiddag 🙂 Mijn favoriete kleur is de grijze kleur en back to basic <3

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