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Halloween is just around the corner so I just could not stay behind with my Halloween look. Experimenting with makeup is always super fun and if you can go overboard, it’s even better. I really like Halloween but I get scared super easy … easy target, hahahaha. When I was younger I loved going to those Halloween walks. Now I stopped going because my boyfriend hates Halloween (the shame). Let’s see what I used for this look!

Guys, this look is really easy! Most of the things I used you might already have in your makeup bag.


I started of with a very pale foundation by Essence. I applied it with a little makeup sponge I found at Claires. I applied two layers of foundation to get a very even pale look. Afterwards I started with my eyes. I used the Meet Matt(e) Nude palette by The Balm, my Dior Trafalgar 876 palette & a Only You palette from Ici Paris XL. I first used The Balm palette and started with the color Matt Hung all over and under my eyes, really making a purple eye with emphasis on the inner corners. Then I took a very fluffy blending brush and got over it with Matt Johnson. Then I took another blending brush and used the cranberry red color from the Trafalgar 876 Dior palette. I focused on my inner corners and blended everything out over the other colors and even below until I reached the cheeks. Next I used an Essence Deep Black super fine eyeliner pen in 01 to make a superfine line above the eyelashes. I then smudged below and under my eyes. To make the black veins below the eyes I used a round pointy blender brush. I made it wet and dabbed it in some black eye shadow. I randomly made some watery black cry lines. To blacken some more I used the same liner pen and smudged.

For the mouth, I used all three eye shadows over the lips to match the eyes. Afterwards I used some fake blood that I bought at Claires and applied it with a make up sponge. Then I used a wine red liquid lipstick by Catrice (Shine Appeal Fluid Lipstick intense) in the color Vampired Diaries 020. I just added it in the middle of the lips. Then I used the super fine eye liner again to make the stitches. I just elongated my lips by adding a little black line on both sides. Then I started by making straight black lines over the lips, making it look like stitches. Then I used the lipstick again and made little dots where the ends of the ‘stitches’ where to make it look like blood. Then I added some fake flood onto the mouth and on my forehead.

This look literally took me about 15-20 minutes to make. It’s very easy and apparently, according to my mom and sister in law, very scary. A very successful makeup look! Now, let’s get scary.





Happy Halloween everybody!

What do you think about this look? Would you recreate it? If so, #fitgingereef & tag me @fitgingereef. Would love to see your designs. 





    • Fit Ginger Eef
      November 3, 2016 / 17:36

      Dank je wel!!!

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