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CARPE clinic, Skin Academy or IKARI, does it ring a bell? Well don’t be ashamed if it doesn’t! It didn’t ring one for me either. It has something to do with makeup, skincare and beauty treatments (even down under). The dermatologists who work there … they are amazing! Curious what CARPE, Skin Academy or IKARI are all about? Well let me introduce you to this amazing place and brand based in Antwerp. Don’t forget to watch my video, just click the link in the end of the post <3

Let’s start with the beginning.

The Skin Academy is part of CARPE who’s mission is to bring beauty into the world. And they have been doing so for 25 years (HAPPY BIRTHDAY CARPE!). Knowledge is the key word because real knowledge is based on experience and science. Only then you can use  knowledge on others.

The recently new Skin Academy can rely on the 30 years of experience in dermatology, skin improvement ans scientific skin analysis. It has evolved to become the center of renowned and independent educations for aesthetics and skin care. It’s a very unique concept because it uses the experience of a aesthetics clinic and connect it with a scientific school for training.

CARPE opens, next to the Skin Academy, a new department that is the best of the best when it comes to skin care. The G-laser and G-led open up a new era for gynecologic treatments. The Optimal Shape and Optimal Slim are two completely new methods to embellish the body contours.

Another new feature is the launch of IKARI Mineral.

First up: CARPE & Skincare Academy

I went on a tour throughout CARPE & Skincare academy last Monday (November 8th) and was blown away by all the special treatments they offer. I don’t want to get into very much details because I love our natural bodies but I wanted to inform you that there are possibilities. When you want to work on your figure, skin, hands, decollete or even your intimate zone: CARPE & Skincare Academy is the place for you. Let me show you!

First we have Optimal Slim: removing local fat deposits. What does this mean? It combines four treatments (heat, cold, shockwave, lipolyse) and they will enforce each other and will be able to give better results much quicker when it comes to eliminating layers of fat.

  1. Heat: warming up the zone with radio frequencies (rf) with the main purpose to destroy fat cells. The temperature of the fat will rise making the effect of freezing more effective. Fat cells don’t like changing temperatures.
  2. Cold: afterwards they will place the piece of liposculpting. The layer of fat will cool down to temperatures below zero making sure the fat cells freeze to dead.
  3. Shock Wave: Immediately afterwards they will start Ultra Shock Wave Therapy to break down the remaining fat cells. It works like a jackhammer and will stimulate the draining of destroyed cells.
  4. Lipodissolve: at the end they will use fat solving injections to destroy the wall of the cell making sure it cannot stock up any more fat.

Next up, again for the body is Optimal Shape: a slimmer and toned silhouette. Almost every woman has cellulitis, a subcutaneous layer of fat and we all want to get rid of it. Sometimes workouts and healthy food will not help so this therapy is here to help.  CARPE Clinic designed a ‘triple therapy’ that will work on the four most essential causes of cellulitis with it’s min goal to give a quick and efficient solution.

CARPE will fight these four signs of cellulitis in the following structure:

  1. They will start with the Bodyshaper will suck the skin together making sure there will be a better blood circulation. It will drain the excess fluid and keeps the layer of fat flexible.
  2. Immediately following the Bodyshaper we have the anti cellulitis injections from the ‘meso-gun’, meso therapy. This will make sure that the injected cocktail will be transferred quickly.
  3. To end everything we have the Ultra Shock Wave, a probe that gives vibrations to the skin en the subcutaneous layer of fat. The injected fluids will be distributed in a better way making sure they infiltrate quickly into the cells.

This treatment is meant for everybody (except children, pregnant women, infections, liver issues, …) struggling with cellulitis, weakened skin that does not go away by working out or a diet. It’s a 45 minute painless treatment without any anesthesia.  Just remember, there are no such things as miracles to get rid of your cellulitis. This treatment will assure an amazing improvement.

Now we get more intimate with G-LED: Healing light for the intimate zone & G-LASER: Medical Rejuvenation. This first treatment is especially for woman with small problems down under: frequent bladder infections, pain when having sex, light irritations, … I know this is a rather ‘weird’ subject for most people but I just want to show you that there is a solution for every problem. This light therapy is used either for the complexion or to reduce inflammation and pain in the body and to stimulate the cell renewal. It’s a 12-15 minute treatment  and best when you repeat it once a week, 7 times. It’s painless (!!!!) and not harmful or whatsoever. Always consult your gynecologist first before this treatment.

The G-laser is also meant to  help with vaginal problems such as dryness, irritation, loss of the vaginal structure and urine incontinence due to giving birth or when in menopause. This is actually the ‘vaginal relaxation syndrome’ and apparently lot’s of people suffer from it. This laser treatment with the INTIMALASE is painless and meant to rejuvenate your vagina. I hear you guys thinking: these are no gynecologists? No but we are talking about highly educated doctors here. Nothing to be worried about.

During my visit throughout CARPE / Skin Academy, I got so much more comfortable with these clinics. I honestly was horrified when I saw the words botox, fillers, lasers, … but now after the great explanation by Dr Ilan Karavani and other doctors it’s safe to say I now actually know what this is all about.

IKARI Mineral Makeup

The IKARI Skin experts designed a makeup with high quality products to perfect the complexion after the daily skin care. After a specialized skin analysis with the YourSkinType system you will get a personal advice to finish your complexion depending on your skin type. This means that this new makeup line has the same principle as the IKARI skincare line.

This mineral makeup is free from talcum and preservatives what means it will not clog any pores. The result? No pimples or rash. It’s feels like you aren’t even wearing any makeup and that’s the whole purpose of the IKARI makeup line. It’s looks natural, feels feather light, lets the skin breath and has SPF 20.

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When I visited the CARPE clinic last week, we got a little present: their newest mineral powder ‘foundation’, blush, concealer and kabuki brush. Of course I couldn’t let this article pass without a little first impressions video on YouTube. Do you think I liked the products? Or do you think I dislike them? Just go ahead and watch my YouTube video.

Here’s the actual result on photo. Natural & light coverage.

I’m super curious, as always, to hear what you think about it! Let me know if you would like me to make more videos.

Curious? Interested? Do not hesitate to contact CARPE or Skin academy. Everybody is eager to help you out with every question you have. 

PS: I hope your fear for cosmetic treatments fell away while reading this article. Of course these treatments are not meant for every single person but for the ones interested, look no further.



This blog post contains products that I received from a brand. As always I stay true to myself by providing honest and real opinions. 


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