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Here I am with part two of my Antwerp press days review. As you could see in part one, it was already kinda busy. Well, you haven’t seen day two yet. We, Tessa and me, had to take a hotel in the city center of Antwerp to make it trough the day. Rough right? Let me tell you all about day two of the Antwerp Press days. 

I woke up at 5.30 in the morning to catch my train at 7.45, letting me arrive at 9.15 am. If there are no delays at least (thank you NMBS). Thankfully the delays were minor so I was still in time to catch a small breakfast at Starbucks before starting our hectic second day. What I didn’t mention in the previous post, because I forgot about it (thank you stupid post tumor brain), was that we were sorry we didn’t book an hotel for the press days in Antwerp. For me it is very hard to get there by train and the car isn’t always the best option because (free) parking in Antwerp is very hard to find. So there we go: we booked ourselves a hotel nearby Antwerp Central Station for 1 night, the last night because my last train left before the last event was over. Okayyyyy, anyway … this post was about the events, so let’s get started!


The first stop in the morning was the same one as the day before. Maison PR and Mojo Antwerp planned a meeting with Triumph professionals. We got a lot of information about how a bra should be, how it should fit your body and they talked about the lovely new collections. The active wear collection seemed very pretty and if I get the chance I will definitely try it out. And the best part for me about this little Triumph meetup? I got measured. I finally know what my actual bra size is and what kind of bra’s suit me.

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I’ve never heard of the PR agency Miss Publicity. It is a Dutch press agency with another HQ in Antwerp. They displayed brand such as the known brand Wilkinson and the unknown or new Quooker, New Amsterdam Vodka and Hiddit, a new protein brand. I was especially interested in Quooker, Wilkinson and Hiddit. Here’s why: Quooker is a tap that gives cold, warm AND boiling hot water. No more waiting until our water boils to make pasta, potatoes or vegetables. Super handy! I was pretty impressed.

Next up there’s the worldwide know brand Wilkinson razor blades with its Hydro 5 for men and Hydro Silk for women.

Lastly there’s Hiddit. Since I’m very into fitness and working out this was definitely one of the discoveries of these press days.  It’s a completely new brand designed together with Ellen Hoog, Dutch hockey player for the national team of The Netherlands. Together with Hiddit she wanted to offer a completely vegan and healthy protein (I’m not saying only vegan is healthy). Ellen made a few protein bars: pre-, during and post-workout. I tried them all and they are made with VEGETABLES! Yes vegetables. Super healthy! One of them is actually made of beetroot. Apart from the bars, they also designed pea protein. Perfect for everybody and easy to digest.

Not only did Hiddit work with Ellen Hoog, they also designed a line especially for endurance sportsmen or woman together with Luc Van Lierde. He’s the winner of the Iron man Hawaii (2x), Europe (1x) and Mexico (1x) triathlon! He definitely knows what’s needed for endurance workouts.

We also all know Jean Claude Van Damme, right? The muscles from Brussels? Well, his coach also made a special line together with Heddit!

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We didn’t really got an invitation for Media Mania PR BUT the invitation was public on Facebook so Tessa and I took our shot to introduce ourselves because well … life is to those who dare. And so we went and searched for this PR agency in Antwerp. They have some amazing brands such as Adidas (whoohoo for sportswear <3), Lola Liza, Banana Moon, Guess, Wondershoe, Reebok, … WOW! This was awesome. Never had I’ve seen or had to the chance to get to know so many big brands in 1 hour. I’ll let the pictures speak for itself.

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At With Love Nans, we got reunited with Ann Bout who invited us to the Skiny event a few months ago. She gave us quite some explanation about lovely and very unique brands. They all told a story such as: working with recycled products for clothing lines, a kind of love story, …

Further we had brands displayed such as Kitchenaid, Bloomon, Sofie Schnoor and a new eyewear brand Bolon. This last brand is Asian and very high demanded in that continent. For their last campaign they got nobody less than Anne Hathaway. The eyewear is gorgeous, stylish and not expensive. Unfortunately there are no pics about the brand because we arrived quite late and they were already cleaning up.

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Between With Love Nans and Marnix And Ally, Tessa and I thought it was about time we got something to eat. All I could think about was pizza and since Marnix and Ally’s #pressdates took place nearby a great pizza place called Otomat … no further explanation needed. We ate and we ate and we ate. Moving on!



Marnix and Ally is one of the PR agencies I knew before I got invited so I was of course very happy to have received that invitation. Eline from yourdailydoseofme works in this agency and I adore her. She’s one of the coolest chicks in town. And she’s from Limburg, my province. Babe is awesome. Ok let’s move on!

Marnix and Ally represents some amazing brands such as Qnoop, LN Knits, Burton, Oh my Bag and for my fellow beauty lovers: Jane Iredale! The ne brands for me where (weirdly?) Jane Iredale, Qnoop and Oh my Bag. I know, shame on me. Definitely about the Jane Iredale story. I had heard of it but never saw it in real life so I was very happy to have finally get to know the brand. Find the other brands such as Rodania, Timberland, Kennel & Schmenger and Award in the pictures.
Before we left we got this amazing poster ‘I have time, what’s your superpower?’.

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End conclusion? I had THE BEST pré-birthday ever! I met so many new people, got to network with new brands and expand my horizons. Thank you to all the agencies for making this part of my blog dream come true. I hope to be back next year because I really had an amazing time with everybody.

Thanks for reading this post.



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