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When I got contacted by Global Image PR to discover and test the new Smart Cabrio, I firstly doubted. Cars don’t really have something to do with my blog. After some thinking I thought: why the hell not. I own a lifestyle blog, why not talk about my experience with the car. So here it goes: my love for this car has become huge and I cannot wait for you to read all about it!

When you first hear the name Smart, the first thing you think about is: isn’t that a box on wheels? Well that’s what my family and friends think of it. It’s very small car giving place to only two people. But I was pretty exited. Especially because I got to drive the Smart Cabrio during my birthday weekend. I mean, what an amazing gift is this?

I drive an Opel Corsa so I’m used to smaller cars. I took my brother with me to pick the Smart up. A few bloggers I know already told me about their experience with the car so I basically got even more excited. When I received the key I got butterflies. Haha, it sounds so stupid but it literally felt like a kid receiving a huge present. Downside: it was a present I had to give back, hahahahha.


The thing that scared me the most, apart from driving a brand new car that isn’t yours, was that it was an car with an automatic gear. I never drove these kinds of cars before but I was a very quick learner according to my brother. Pfiewww, I made it home alive and kicking without an accident! And wow, how smooth this car drives. It was my absolute favorite spot during that weekend and I seriously felt s bad after giving it back on Monday. I couldn’t use the cabrio because of the weather so I need to drive this car again during summer! I did try the cabrio function out for the picture below. Just press the button and you’ve got yourself an amazing cabrio ride.

The best feature during these cold days? SEAT HEATING.

It’s the perfect city car, not so perfect for long rides. I had to drive home from Brussels to my home town Sint-Truiden, which is about a 70 km drive. The car rides great because of it automatic six gear function, also on bigger roads but I prefer to use it for smaller distances and city rides. The trunk isn’t so big either so no room for big suitcases or a lot of groceries but enough for all the clothes you buy in town.

I’m not the best parking girl but this car has sensors and because it’s so small, it fits literally everywhere: WIN!!

Thank you to Smart Belgium and Global Image PR for this amazing opportunity to drive around in this car.img_1844
I really enjoyed riding this car and I would definitely do it again if I could. Would you drive this car?

Wearing: Fake leather jacket: H&M | Turtleneck: C&A | Jeans: H&M | Shoes: AGP from La Bottega Hasselt

This blog post contains products that I received from a brand. As always I stay true to myself by providing honest and real opinions. 





  1. November 29, 2016 / 14:12

    Zo’n gouden Smart is ook supermooi! Ik mis de mijne!

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