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Disbelieve, shock, those words come up to me when I think about that time I received an invitation from L’Oréal for their first master class.  I’m a huge makeup fan and L’oréal is one of the brands that is just standard in my makeup bag. The theme of this master class? Shadow and light. Together with makeup artist Philippe we could learn how to create that perfect shadow and light on our own faces. Another great thing: we got to see the Christmas collection in premiere!

I must admit I doubted if I wanted to go at first. Why? Because I’m shy as hell. It might seem like I have a big mouth but these things scare the shit out of me. Being all alone in a room full of people I’ve never met? Yep … meet scary cat Eveline. But then I met up with the gorgeous Pauline from A Fashion Taste for the opening of the cool pop up store Fashionique by Laura in Hasselt. She also received an invitation so I was suddenly not so alone anymore! But if I had to go alone, I would definitely because you know … FREAKING L’ORÉAL INVITED ME!!!

The whole master class was dedicated to creating light and shadow by using makeup. Extra bonus: they presented the most gorgeous Christmas collection. I’ve always been a huge fan of L’Oréal and the fandom has only grown since that master class. I LOVE EVERY FREAKING PRODUCT. And I’m not saying this because I got invited. When I post an article talking about products I’m extremely honest. I don’t like people lying about things that when you buy them it turns out like complete shit. So yes people, I’m honest!

While I thought I was pretty good at applying makeup and working with it after doing some modelling and watching lots of YouTube videos, well … I was wrong. I knew I had to use certain products but I was using them wrong. Let’s start with the base: how to prep your skin before applying makeup.

Of course you need to cleanse your face well, use a serum and everything but did you know you have to use A LOT of moisturizer? I always thought it would make my skin look greasy even if it was an oil free product. But apparently, when using foundation (powder or fluid) or even a BB cream, you need to apply a generous amount of you favorite moisturizer. Whoops! I never used more than a pea sized amount. So why do you need to use that much right? I didn’t understand either until Philippe (our amazing makeup artist of l’Oréal)  gave us the entire explanation. Main point: it makes sure your foundation does not look cakey, it will let your foundation melt into the skin making sure it looks very natural.

Next up was foundation. NEVER EVER TEST FOUNDATION ON YOUR HAND PALM! It never has the same color as your face. When you are shopping for a new foundation, test the color on your neck or jawline for the perfect fit. It shocked me that Philippe used two different colors on the skin. Not mixed together for the correct color but really two different colors on different parts of the face. Your normal color used in the V-shape of your face and a darker one more below the cheeks to the jawline. I already hear you guys saying: WTF is a V-shape? Well it’s very simple. When you take two brushes (for example two eye shadow brushes because those are pretty long) you make a V-shape from the top of your ears to your chin. This gives your face a lot more dimension than when using only one color.
For that gorgeous glowing skin, add in some liquid highlighter. I love doing this since it gives me a more awake look. Don’t be afraid you will look like a shine ball, it’s definitely not the case. If you want, you can also add some extra liquid highlighter in the inner corners of the eye (where your nose starts so not really in the corners of the eye haha I have no clue what I’m trying to say but hey …).

Then we have the most fun part: contouring! Ahh, I love myself a good contour! Not Kim Kardashian style, that’s a bit too much for me but I like the definition it gives to my face. This palette is awesome. It has an amazing texture between cream and powder. It applies perfectly.

As a blush Philippe advised me to use the Glam Bronze Cushion de Soleil. It suits perfectly with my hair color and freckles.

Oh and the new eye palette Gold. Have you ever seen such beautiful pigmented colors that aren’t expensive?  Uhu, me neither. IN LOVE.

I can keep bragging about everything until it gets very annoying but I will not do that to you. I’m just very thankful to be part of the L’Oréal family in Belgium.

This is the Christmas look Philippe created at our Masterclass. It’s super pretty!!! He used the green and yellow of the palette in one smokey eye. I would have never thought about that. 

On YouTube you can find the look that I created with some of the L’Oréal products that I received that day. I went for a glowing skin with popping eyes and a bright pink lip that is perfect for the holidays. I baptized it as my Christmas makeup look! Have a look and let me know what you think !

What’s your favorite L’Oréal makeup product?

Thank you so much for reading this post and I hope to see you again next time.


This blog post contains products that I received from a brand. As always I stay true to myself by providing honest and real opinions. 


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