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Sorry it took me so long to write another blog post. I had an extremely busy week, even more busy than normal. Then I got a bit sick … but I’m back now! A few weeks ago one of my favorite stores organized Fashion Love, a night full of fashion, fun and love. You ready to take a look around? 

So, DDL … I’ve mentioned this shop a few times in outfit posts. DDL is actually the abbreviation of Decadence De Luxe and is a clothing store located in Sint-Truiden (Limburg), Belgium. If you ever have to chance to come and visit this city (especially a must in spring time!), don’t be afraid to hop in!

This post is about their fashion love event. I went there with fellow blogger Jolien. Fun fact: she’s the daughter of my mom’s best friend! So happy she started blogging too. Absolutely made for it! I invited her since she is an insane shopper, just like me. At that point I was looking for a fun, fashionable outfit to wear to the Zalando Style Icon Awards the next day. For my Belgian readers: they invited Yentl from Pink Ambission for a book signing. I had a little talk and drink with her. Such a sweet and lovely person.

At this fashion love event, they showed their party collection, had a male model (yes you read that right! ?) pouring in the drinks, there was chocolate everywhere … I mean, this was one hell of a fun evening.

There was a fun photo boot where we, of course, took these cool pictures.

Can you tell we love shopping?

This was my outfit of the evening.

I had a really nice time! Thanks for the invite ?

Thanks for reading this post and I hope to see you next time!





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