Hi babes!

When I bought my new skin care products last year (October already seems so far away), I never thought I would love them this much. I think the picture already spoiled the element of surprise so yes, I’m talking about Kiehls. They work with natural products, sensitive skin approved products. Did I mention they are already in the business for 160 years? Ok, let’s continue.

I actually never heard about Kiehls before until a few months ago when I saw fellow blogger Sinaii from Simply Sinaii bragging about the skincare brand. I forgot about it until I saw a lot of bloggers and vloggers posting Kiehls birthday pictures on Instagram. That’s when I went on a little google search. That search really inspired me to pay a visit myself, so I went to Antwerp to find out what everybody was talking about.

When I entered the shop, I just couldn’t stop staring at all those products. I was in shock and had no idea what kind of products where suitable for my skin type. Luckily there was the sweetest shop assistant that helped me out. I told her I was waiting for my stewardess education and I heard about the dehydration about your skin whilst flying. She immediately knotted yes and asked me if she could test my skin to find out which products suited me. While a skin must at least have 40% fluids, mine had a stunning amount of 26%. Whoops, NOT GOOD. So the key for my skin was: hydrating, hydrating, hydrating, even before being in the air. I firstly needed to get that percentage up to 40% or more.

My first question full of anxiety: won’t that trigger my acne?
Well, NO. Hydration has got nothing to do with acne, it can even help you get rid of it. We are all using so many dehydrating products for our skin to get rid of pimples that they actually produce even more sebum and red spots.

Ok, happy and lucky as I feld, I went on a little shopping spree in Kiehls.

Here’s what I bought:

  1. Centella skin calming facial cleanser
  2. Calendula Herbal extract toner alcohol free
  3. Midnight recovery concentrate

These products allowed my face to hydrate enough and still protect it from impurities. Ain’t that great?

Anyway, I’m absolutely in love with these products and honestly: my skin still breaks out but not due to the products. It’s just because of my food choices some times.

Thank you Kiehls for giving me clear skin! ??? I cannot wait to come back soon to get my skin tested again. We keep on improving!

Oh and I got a lot of extra goodies to try out. I cannot wait to add the Ultra Facial Cream, the Hydro-Plumping Re-Texturizing Serum Concentrate & Ultra Facial Overnight Hydrating Masque to my collection ?.

What’s your favorite Kiehls product? 

Thank you for reading another one of my posts, I hope to see you again next time too! 







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