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I received lots and lots of questions from people why I started using #12weekchallenge on my Instagram pictures. So I thought this was THE ideal moment to start writing about it. Are you curious already?

So the #12weekchallenge? What is it? For the ones who are following me since the beginning of my fit journey on Instagram they know that Kayla Itsines is my savior after my brain tumor got removed. Why? Because I could train on my own pace. The exercises were indeed very hard but I adapted them in such a way that it was comfortable for my body to recover.

I started on January 5th 2015, 4 months post surgery, with #thekaylamovement. This was a huge fitness movement of people training with the Bikini Body Guides of Kayla Itsines. It’s a 12 week workout guide (see where this is going? ?) focusing on getting in your best shape ever. Now for me the shape was less important, getting stronger was my main priority. 

Over the past two years I joined about 5 Kayla movements! And then I started slacking … why? Because I had physical issues. Due to overloading my body I started to get my old complaints again on my left side making me weak and less strong again. Now, on January 9th, Kayla has brought a new Kayla Movement into the world: the 12 week challenge. My time to get my body back on track.

So far, so good. I just finished my first week, started with the second week and I’m so happy. I can already feel I’m getting into a better mood, I’m more positive in life and with the correct food it’s only getting better.

Doing this 12 week challenge makes me wanna commit to something rather than being lazy and ‘trying’ to workout.
If you want to join: DO IT. It’s not because the first week is over that you cannot start anymore. The entire social media group behind the 12 week challenge is supportive and respectful.


Don’t expect results immediately. Since every single body is different no one can have the same progress. Give it some time and don’t rush it. And most importantly: take rest if you need it. It will not undo your progress.

Would you love to start with the #12weekchallenge?

Thanks for reading this post and I hope to see you again next time! 



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