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Valentines day is just around the corner so start making those lists ready!

Valentine’s Day is all about sensuality, sexuality, love and coziness. This is the reason why the newest Chloe Love Story, eau sensuelle should be on your list.

Ah Valentine’s Day, a very commercialized day but I just love how you can read the romance and love from everybody’s faces. Nothing completes your date on Valentine’s Day as much as an amazing scent.

An amazing evening with your loved one, you’re wearing your new Love Story Eau Sensuelle by Chloé and you’re feeling seductive, féminin and sensual. That’s what Valentine’s Day should look like. Subtle but extremely sexy. Like wearing your favorite lingerie below your outfit. It makes you feel sexy, no matter what.
Chloë unveils a new sense of femininity and sensuality. The bottle is inspired by the bridge of love in Paris: Le Pont Des Arts, where thousands of lockers are attached to the famous bridge to symbolise love stories from all over the world. The color of the perfume is inspired by the setting sun, a gorgeous pink blush with a coral undertone.

The scent is created by two women: Anne Flipo, who created the original Chloe Love Story perfumes and Domitille Bertier. The original signature scent of orangy blossom has been blended with an almost vanilla like heliotrope making it sweeter than ever. The light touch of sandalwood gives it more depth and warmth. 

I must say this perfume scores high on my favorite perfumes list. Don’t you just love the golden lock with ribbed glass look? It looks and smells luxurious.

Chloe Love Story – Eau Sensuelle is available in your local perfume shop in a 30, 50 or 75 ml size from February 1st. Perfect for Valentine’s Day ?. The prize range lies between €61,11 – € 82,22. 

Are you going to buy this perfume? 

Thank you for reading one of my blogposts, I hope to see you again next time. 





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