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Today I bring to you: the gorgeous Anna Nooshin X Hunkemöller swim collection. I was already a huge fan of her lingerie collection so I’m very excited to see them working together on a swimwear collection. In this blogpost I’ll tell you a bit more about Anna Nooshin and I’ll give you an insight on my favorite pieces in this collection. I warn you, you’ll want to have it all.

Who is Anna Nooshin?

Anna was born in Iran and is an entrepreneur, fashion – lifestyle & beauty blogger and a YouTuber.

She wrote two books, has her own jewelry line Anna + Nina and is an icon. Like I said in the intro, she already designed a lingerie collection with Hunkemöller once, this was last year: 28 November 2016.  Now, in 2017, she can add a swimwear collection to her resume as well.

Anna Nooshin X Hunkemöller

This is yet another collaboration that makes my heart pounding. The other one was the Doutzen Collection on which I also dedicated a post. I’m still in love with that one!

The reason why I didn’t wrote an article about the first Anna Nooshin X Hunkemöller collection is that I simply forgot. Yes, I forget things, sorry folks! But there are enough articles in the world to get you covered on that collection too.

So this time, Anna and Hunkemöller worked together on a swimwear collection (just in case you didn’t read that before) and I just wanted to show you my favorite pieces from the collection.

This bathing suit is gorgeous. It has tied laces around the hips and at the back. The text mad love makes everything even trendier. I really like how one pieces are making a total turnaround from being boring to one of the hottest pieces to own in summer. Wear this with a kimono or just with a jeans short/hot pants and a hat: you’re good to go !

Next up is this pretty two piece that will be available starting Feb 15th. I just have this love for embroidered pieces … I mean, can you blame me? I love the 70’s vibes it gives us. It has a gorgeous cut, both the top and bottom, that suits pretty much everybody.


Ok, can I just print screen this on my body now? Please??? This lace up bikini gives you sex under the sun. It’s fun, cute, sexy and very trendy at the moment. If you don’t like the extra padding, you can take it out. Perfect for the fuller breasted woman but also perfect if you just don’t really like padding.

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Remember, all of the items are limited edition.

Unfortunately while the collection just landed today, it’s already almost sold out (Since I’ve got a very petite size, no swimwear for me, sigh).  Keep an eye open on these gorgeous pieces and who knows, maybe you’ll be strutting at the beach soon in this swimwear collection.

Go ahead and take a look on the website: Anna Nooshin x Hunkemöller

What’s your favorite piece of the collection?

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  1. February 10, 2017 / 14:42

    My favourite piece is definitely the bathing suit! They’re not so ideal for getting a full tan but they’re so pretty ? I love the 80’s vibe with the high cut at the legs with the low back. Gorgeous!

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