Ahhhh, another collaboration in fashion land. This one is not between Anna Nooshin and Hunkemöller but between Tommy Hilfiger and IT girl Gigi Hadid. It’s their second collection together (read about the first one here) and I’m yet again in love. #TOMMYLOVE SS17 is a fact and tell me this: why do I have to be broke at this point? 

Its a very colorful collection with lot’s of denim, leather and USA inspired designs.

Let me guide you through my favorite pieces of the Tommy x Gigi #TOMMYNOW SS17 collection.

The entire collection was presented in California, on Venice Beach. Tommy and Gigi set up a carnival like setting with lot’s of attractions named ‘Tommyland’. If you would like to see the fashion show, click here.

It’s almost impossible to add in every single piece of this newest collection from Gigi Hadid and Tommy Hilfiger but I can show you these main lookbook shots.

I’ve had a rough time picking the pieces that I liked the most because actually, I pretty much like them all. When it comes to shoes I’m a huge fan of the biker boots and the low rise sneakers.

If I really had to choose one piece from this entire collection it would be … what am I saying, I can’t choose from this!!! But I can tell you my absolute favorites:

To finish up I’m also in love with the swimwear items (soon available) she had added to the collection.

I can’t wait to shop this collection. Paycheck: hurry up, please!

If you’re interested in shopping the new #tommynow collection by Tommy x Gigi just go on the Tommy Hilfiger website.

What’s your favorite piece from the collection? Let me know in the comments below.

Lot’s of love,



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