Soft and shiny hair, who isn’t looking for this? I mean we all like the way our hair looks walking out of the hairdressers and yes we are always looking for a way to recreate that shine and healthy glow. A couple of weeks ago I got invited by Kérastase at the shoppingmall ‘Dockx’ at Brussels to discover their newest product line. Let’s have a look!

Andy & Jeff, that was the place to be February 17th. Not knowing what was going to happen I was surprised to find out there was a hair treatment arranged for us. I mean, WOW! I was actually quite shocked but in a very good way. There is nothing better than trying out a product and it’s even better when a professional hairdresser does it for you. Let’s talk about Aura Botanica and my experience.

Aura Botanica by Kérastase

Lovers of natural products unite! Yes that’s right. The Aura Botanica line is their first line with 98% natural products. It’s natural & responsible for natural and shiny, healthy hair. Mostly made with hand pressed coconut oil, the Aura Botanica line uses responsible purchased active ingredients and a sustainable production.

No sulfate, parabens or silicons are used in the making of the Aura Botanica line. It promises a 48 hours nourishment, 72 hours anti-frizz effect and 4 times more shine.

 Aura Botanica products

Bain Micellaire

A revolutionary shampoo, made with Moroccan Argan oil & coconut oil from the Samoa Islands, without sulfates but efficient foaming ingredients coming from coconut oil. This soft and efficient formula removes all the impurities stuck on your hair fibers making it ready for the next care.

Natural Ingredients: Moroccan Argan oil – Samoan coconut oil.

97% natural – 3% preservatives & perfume – 99% biodegradable.

No sulfates, silicons or parabens.

Use the Bain micellaire twice, directly after each other before using the other products. 

€ 23,40 

Soin Fondamental

A light and creamy texture that feeds the hair for 48 hours, protecting against frizzy hair. It’s the perfect care for disentangle your hair without silicons thanks to it’s high concentrate of natural oils from coconuts, argan and sunflowers.

Natural ingredients: Moroccan Argan oil – Samoan coconut oil.

97% natural – 2% perfume & softening elements – 99% biodegradable.

No silicons or parabens.

To be used after the Bain micellaire. Possible in combination with the Concentré Essentiel. Let it sit for five minutes before washing it out. 

€ 31,70

Concentré Essentiel

A personalized care for hair needing extra nourishment. This product is enriched with avocado oil and omega 6 & 9 making your hair soft and shining. Jojoba oil is used to give a velvet texture.

Natural Ingredients: Argan oil from Morocco – coconut oil from the Samoa islands – avocado oil – jojoba oil – essential oils from sweet oranges – rosemary extract.

97% natural – 1% preservatives and perfumes – 98% biodegradable.

No silicons and parabens.

To be used in combination with the Soin Fondamental. Leave in for 5 minutes and rinse.

Can be used as hand oil as well.

€ 38,00

Essence d’Éclat

A biphasic and concentrated oil that nourishes for 48 hours and protects against frizzy hairs for 72 hours. To be used on towel dry hair or after drying your hair to enforce softness and shine and as a finish on the ends.

Natural ingredients: Moroccan Argan oil – Samoan coconut oil – Damasrosewater.

99% natural – 1% perfumes and preservatives – 99% biodegradable.

No silicons and parabens.

Use on towel dry hair or completely dry hair to give your hair the perfect shine. Spray two to four times. Use as a finish on the hair ends.

€ 38,00

Toni Garnn, face of Aura Botanica

 Top model Toni Garnn is the face of the Aura Botanica line. Her fights for women’s rights, her conscious way of living and her vision on natural beauty make her the perfect Aura Botanica woman.

Her favorite product is the Soin Fondamental because it makes her hair silky smooth, giving it the nourishment her dry hair needs.

My experience with Aura Botanica

 During my visit at Andy & Jeff I got the most amazing hairdressers experience. I got treated like a queen. Smoothies, sandwiches, small talk, Essie nail bar, you name it and it was available.

They applied the entire Aura Botanica line on my hair and it was an amazing experience. It’s the perfect line for natural (long) hair. It made my hair super soft, shiny and healthy looking. The scent of these products are simply amazing, the sweet orange and coconut are a match made in heaven. While I was getting the ‘treatment’, my personal hairdresser said you could use the Concentré Essentiel for both your hair as your hands. And I tried it out of course ?. Long live soft hair & hands.

I tried the same ritual at home with the Aura Botanica products and I still can’t believe your hair can feel so amazing. I do love the Aura Botanical line but in my opinion it’s a bit too rich for my hair. It gets greasy after 1 day so I am planning to use this line when my hair needs a little nourishment after a lot of styling or use of drying products.

Do you have any Kérastase products at home? What’s your favorite product? 

Lots of love,



Thank you to Kérastase for providing me with this amazing hair care line and for inviting me to this super fun evening at Andy & Jeff



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