Hair colors, … these day’s they are a lot different from what they used to be. Pink, blue, grey and even green are colors we like now. If you don’t dare or can’t (because of work) take the step to pastel hair colors, there’s one hell of a solution: Colorista by L’Oréal. I tried out one color already and have written down my opinion . Are you curious about the results? Let’s have a look!

Whether you’d like a new color for the day, a week or months, L’Oréal recently (Dec 16) came out with a whole new range of hair dyeing products. You’ve got got the Spray which lasts for a day, the washout which lasts for one to three weeks or the paint version for a more permanent color.

Pastel hair, here I come!


Who can be a Colorista? Literally everybody! From blonde to brunette. And yes, even gingers can play a part here. When I saw the ads on social media and in shops I was kinda bumped because they made it seem like only those hair colors could use Colorista. Don’t you think it’s a shame how gingers are left out of the picture? Anyway, with that said I thought it would be fun to show gingers could wear these pastels as gracious as blondes or brunettes. And since our hair is kinda special (YES almost extinct!!!) we don’t wanna F*** up our hair, right? Perfect to try out one of the sprays!

Before you start applying the colors, know that it’s always better and more beautiful if you choose a color that’s within your hair color scheme.

Blondes, Brunettes and Gingers can use every single Colorista Spray available, there’s no indication on what you can or can’t wear. Just use your common sense.

For the rest there is an indication. Let’s start with the Colorista WashoutWhen you’re blonde choose for the pastel colors. If you’re a brunette pick a darker shade. It’s perfectly possible to take a dark shade for blondes but it will be much heavier in color than it would be with brunettes. If you pick a lighter shade and you’re a brunette make sure to lighten up your hair first by using a Colorista Ombré, Bleach or Balayage first so the colors will be more visible. It’s the same for gingers. If your light, you can take both the dark or light shades but it will of course have another effect on your hair. If you have darker hair, opt for an ombré, balayage or bleach first.

You wanna go all in? Perfect! The Colorista Paint is perfect for you. For blondes the perfect fit would be rose gold, copper blond and grey. for brunettes that would be Marsala, Violet, Blue Black or Cherry Red. 

For gingers the perfect fits are pink & red because you’re staying in your ‘natural’ color.

My Colorista experience

I was SO excited to try out the Colorista Spray! Why the spray? With my job I’m unable to dye my hair with the Washout or Paint version as it stays pretty long. But that’s ok, I like the sprays! My mom was kinda panicking I was trying it out but I was stoked. I used the color pink hair. It’s a light pink color that wasn’t extremely visible on my hair. I have a ‘in between’ ginger color so the pink I used was kinda light for me but I still liked the effect it gave. I cannot wait to try out the other colors I have. You ready for lavender, turquoiseor grey haired Eveline?

Thanks for reading this post & thank you to L’Oréal for giving me the chance to proof gingers can wear these colors too! 

Lot’s of love,





    • Fit Ginger Eef
      March 29, 2017 / 14:26

      Haha zo lief ???

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