A few weeks ago I got invited by I-Fitness to try out their newest gym including Personal Training session in Hasselt. After postponing a few times due to sickness I was super excited to finally set a date: 30 March 2017. The less exciting part: it was 20 degrees Celcius outside. Good picking, right? Since working out is one of the most important features in my life, I cannot wait to tell you more about my experience at I-Fitness Hasselt.

First off all, I-Fitness in Hasselt is a premium club. What does this mean? It means that you can also use their swimming pool and sauna apart from the fitness area. I was sold in a minute. There is seriously nothing better than taking a sauna after your workout.

Since this is the youngest branch in the I-Fitness chain everything was very new. I was welcomed with open arms and got a tour straightaway. At this point I also got to meet personal trainer Thomas Jansen who was already setting up our circuit training of the day. During the tour we got all the information we needed about the entire gym. There’s a cardio zone, circuit zone, weight training zone and functional training zone. There’s also a little area with a couch and chairs to have a cup of coffee, tea or just water.

Did you know I-Fitness has it’s own physiotherapist office? I had never seen this before so I was very surprised. Such a great idea.

Time to get dressed! The dressing room was huge, I mean really huge. For the ladies who are scared to shower in group: behold, separate showers!

Ok we’re fully dressed. Let’s get sweaty with our personal training session. PT Thomas firstly asked me what kind of experience I had in training, what kind of exercises I did and what the difficulty was. Why? So he could make a fitting schedule that suits our level of fitness experience. It’s very important to know your clients well, something Thomas definitely knew! Since I’m into fitness for almost three years, I can say my level is mediocre to experienced. I told him I was prepared to suffer because a good workout to me is sweaty, intensive and pretty quick.

First I started with a short cardio warm up on a cross trainer. I seriously did not wanted to stop. Every single home trainer was equipped with touchscreen, Netflix (!!!) and a lot more technical stuff such as an app.

After this warm up, the real work began. Together we chose for a full body workout with planks, squats, trx push ups, battle ropes and more. I felt my abs burning so hard, it was perfect. I really had to push myself to to make it till the end so Thomas: one hell of a job you did there!

Can you tell I had an amazing time at this gym? The best part: it’s only a 15 min drive away from my place. Soon I will be able to follow a group lesson at I-Fitness Hasselt and I’ll be sharing my experience here on the blog so: stay tuned.

I’m ready for my next workout at I-Fitness, are you?

What’s your favorite at the gym? Cardio, functional, weight or circuit training? Leave a comment below! I’m very curious.

Thanks for reading this blogpost! 

Lots of love,


A huge thank you to I-Fitness, Michèle, Wesley and Thomas for inviting me to their second home: the I-Fitness gym Hasselt. Although this is a collaboration between I-Fitness and myself, every opinion is honest and real.


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