I don’t know if I told you before but I almost hate every single car on the market. You can ask Michaël. If he asks me if I like that particular car, most of the time I say: OMG NO, THAT’S SO UGLY. I have a very small list of cars that I do like. And guess what, the Mercedes-Benz A class car is on my list! Like for real! So when I got the chance to take this baby out for a ride, who am I to say no? ?

When I bought my first car, I was doubting so hard because none of the cars I looked at where saying: this is me. I took the one closest to that opinion: my Opel Corsa. Yes I know this post isn’t about Opel or my own car but I just wanted to provide you with some background info.

When my car was one year old, I was at home because of my tumor surgery. Michaël really wanted to go to the ‘Autosalon’ in Brussels so I agreed. It was a welcome little getaway and the perfect moment to see how I responded in big crowds (I was kinda scared of big places with lots of people at that time).

And there it was: my dream car. Of course above my budget but I was dreaming about owning that Mercedes-Benz A class car. Anyway time goes by and I still don’t own the money (thanks tumor) but someday, he will be mine.

Ok back to the subject of this article: the Mercedes-Benz A45 AMG.

Thanks to Global Image PR & Mercedes-Benz, who also gave me the chance to ride with Smart, I could drive a Mercedes. Not knowing which one, I received a little brochure. This was literally a OMFG moment when I saw the car of my dreams: the A45 AMG. Best part? It was a freaking AMG! For the ones who don’t know AMG, it’s the more sporty & a lot more quicker than the regular Mercedes cars.

11 April 2017, the day I could pick up my new car for four days. Michaël and I decided to do a little ‘road trip’ to Bruges. It was my last free week before flight attendant course so every relaxation was definitely welcome. We met at the HQ of Mercedes-Benz in Brussels and got all the information we needed to get driving. Guess who was behind the wheels?

I was so so so impressed by this car. About its functions, its driving style, speed. This is a car I can really only dream about so my excitement was enormous (even when writing this article the excitement comes back). Mercedes-Benz A45 AMG or bae for short, you absolutely stole my entire heart. With it’s automatic gear system, it was super relaxed. After Smart, this was my second time driving a car with automatic gear. Let me tell you something, this baby can accelerate fast, like extremely fast. ? Keeping in mind this is a sports car and precaution is needed, I did let him say bye bye to a lot of cars. After driving my Mercedes A45 AMG I was definitely in pain to go back to my regular car. I even forgot I needed to shift (like whoops ?).

So apart from going fast, this car was equipped with 4 different settings so you could drive in comfort mode (more saving), sport, sport + (for my peeps who like the hard sound) and Individual (to make your own setting). I drove I’m comfort and sport+. You could switch up different settings while driving, very convenient! Oh and since I suck at orientation (check out vlog) the build in navigation system was awesome! What else does this car have?

  1. Not a hero in parking your car like me? Do not worry, bae (told you this was my short name for it ?) has a camera at the back to help you park!
  2. Heated front seats
  3. Blind spot monitoring
  4. Park assistant incl PARKTRONIC
  5. Panoramic sliding roof
  6. 7 gear automatic transmission
  7. Speeding assistant (recognizes the speeding limits)
  8. Anti fatigue system. This one beeped after 2,5 hours to insist for a break.
  9. And many more

That’s a lot right? And well, I didn’t even sum them all up! This car made me feel amazing, like a lioness. I could concur the world. Unfortunately I had to say goodbye after 4 days but maybe it’s more a see you soon? ?

Would you like to drive a Mercedes-Benz?
I can honestly say it was an amazing experience.

Lots of love, 


Wearing: Velvet trousers: H&M | Blouse: Zara | Velvet biker jacket: Zara | Shoes: Adidas Originals | Scarf: H&M | Earrings: H&M | Ring index finger: Très Beau Jewels | Watch: Cluse | Bracelet: My Jewellery

Pictures by Michaël Janssens.

This blog post contains products that I could use for advertising purposes.
As always I stay true to myself by providing honest and real opinions. 


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