Bralettes or sexy lingerie, Passionata has it all. As a lady with a very tiny bosom, bralettes are lifesavers. Thank God that they are in fashion right now. Bra’s are a lot more difficult to find for me as I have a very difficult size. I’m such a lucky girl that Passionata had the perfect bra and bralette for me. I got a chance to discover the spring/summer 2017 Passionata collection. Fun, sexy, lifestyle and fashion are the keywords and also my words to live by. Ready to take a look?

Make life fun and sexy – Passionata 

Sexy, passionate lingerie. A must have in your drawer. Not only for your boy -or girlfriend but also for yourself. I like to believe that the way you dress expresses your feelings. Wearing sexy lingerie makes you feel sexy. It’s also kinda mysterious because nobody knows what your wearing. Mixing up your lingerie into your daily outfits, in a visible way is something that intrigues me. Wearing bralettes as a fashion accessory, everybody is doing it right now and I’m absolutely loving it. Show your passion and sexiness, just for yourself!

Blossom set

I’m a small boob kinda girl so some bra’s tend to make my little ones drown. This gorgeous set immediately draw my attention. The blue I chose, Danube, is one of the new colors of Passionata. I didn’t have a blue set yet and this is just gorgeous. Another reason I chose this one is that the sizing started from 70 A, if that’s not perfect I don’t know what it.

There are such gorgeous details on both the bra and the sexy shorty. I every time feel like I’m a princess while wearing this Blossom set. It really does make you blossom. Oh and it has removable padding’s!

Michaël and I shot these images while we where on vacation in Bruges. Special thanks to Hotel De Tuilerieën for giving us such a gorgeous room.


Lulu set

Like I said, bralettes are such an amazing fashion accessory. I’m a big fan, especially since I have no boobs at all. With this Lulu bra it was just love at first sight. I already saw myself in it and that’s something that really doesn’t happen quickly. With this bralette I made a little outfit. My thought on how you could wear the Lulu bra as a fashion item. If you don’t like it like this, you can still seduce your man or lady with it, if you know what I mean!

The lace details are gorgeous and this set is definitely my favorite of the two I received. It’s so comfortable, like your wearing just a tee. Since it’s completely lace they sewed in 2 cup padding’s so it’s not see through. To make the Lulu set complete I also got the thong with it. Not really a thong kinda girl but it actually sits really comfortable. Win!

Here’s how I styled this gorgeous Lulu bralette.

Check out to discover the entire spring/summer 2017 collection.

Blossom bra – here

Blossom sexy shorty – here 

Lulu bralette – here 

Lulu thong – here 

What’s your favorite set? Are you a bra of bralette lover?

Lots of love,


This article is in collaboration with Passionata and Media Mania PR. Although this is a sponsored blog post my opinion is as always honest and real. If you have any questions please let me know via mail. 

Thank you to Hotel De Tuilerieën for the beautiful location for our first shoot. 

Pictures by Michaël Janssens



  1. May 8, 2017 / 09:38

    Echt prachtig! Mijn favoriet is de bralette!

    • Fit Ginger Eef
      June 10, 2017 / 09:01

      Prachtig he ?!

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