Those red carpet looks, stunning right? Every single year I watch actrices and models walk the red carpet numerous times but I have a favorite: the Cannes Film Festival. It’s pure magic, every single year. So why not feel and look like your walking that red carpet yourself? This year L’Oréal is marking its 20 years anniversary with the film festival in Cannes (which starts May 17th 2017, today!!!). For this special occasion they released a limited edition Red Carpet makeup collection. Spoiler: it’s gorgeous, both on the in and outside!

OMG that were exactly the words I said when I opened this gift from L’Oréal. For years and years I’m following the behind the scenes from the Cannes Film Festival and every time I’m stunned by the looks L’Oréal creates here.

For their 20th anniversary, L’Oréal released a special Red Carpet makeup collection.

Can I just get a huge applause for the packaging of that red lipstick? I mean: velvet, a palm d’or and the most gorgeous engravings. If you want this beauty in your life: hurry!!! It’s limited edition.

Not only the lipstick is limited edition, this mascara is too! It exists out of 2 sides. Side one is a primer to apply to the lashes before applying your mascara. Afterwards you apply side 2, a black mascara. Together they’ll make sure that you’ve got some rocking lashes. And trust me you’ll have some serious amazing lashes, I’ve tried it out already!

The look you can make with this collection is very stylish, classy and just drop dead gorgeous. It’s never a bad idea to wear a nude smoky eye with a red lip. L’Oréal apparently knows this so this collection is extremely wearable. Hurray!!

The Color Riche Les Ombres smoky eye palette in Nude Lingerie is amazing for any event. The colors are very blendable, have great pigment and make sure you’ll have a great eye look. It’s also super handy because on the back side there’s a little how to for smoky eyes! 

What else is part of the Red Carpet collection? The Blackbuster Super Liner, which is very easy to use. Strangely I find it even easier than the little eyeliner pens. I’m a weir girl but you already knew that, right? ?

And there’s of course a matching red nail polish. A classy look needs classy nails.

  1. Color Riche – Red Carpet €13,99 (Limited Edition from 17-28 May 2017 in Di)
  2. False Lash Superstar Red Carpet €17,99 (Limited Edition from 17-28 May 2017 in Di)
  3. Super Liner Blackbuster – Black €11,99
  4. Color Riche Les Ombres – Nude Lingerie €14,99
  5. Color Riche Le Vernis à L’Huile – Rouge Amour €9,99

I’m in love with this collection, are you too? 

Lots of Love



This article is in collaboration with L’Oréal. Although this is a sponsored blog post my opinion is as always honest and real. If you have any questions please let me know via mail. 


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