Wow, it has been so so long. Way too long. I’m sorry for that. I never ment to leave my blog on the side but unfortunately, I had no other option. My road to becoming a flight attendant finally had a #3. It’s one with ups and downs. Let me talk you through.

So I guess my last update stopped after I visited that weird doctor ?‍⚕️. Today I’m writing you from week 6,5 into training. Long time no see, right? Let’s start at the beginning, shall we?!

April 14th, the day I could finally start my training to become a flight attendant. To be honest, all kinds of thoughts went through my mind: Am I good enough for this job? Will I be able to perform the job in a correct way because of my medical history? Can I do this? Well I had to stop myself there. I was becoming way to negative ??. These questions made me anxious and that’s not how one should start they dream job.

I was super happy to see all my colleagues from the ground team who also started their training with me. I also saw less familiar faces but I tried to be as social as possible while almost shitting myself of fear. Fear of the unknown. The day went by and we got a tour throughout the Brussels Airlines HQ. The most shocking part of the day was when they told us our observation flight was literally the next day. Whoops, almost shit myself again there ?! We were all super surprised and quite shocked since the observation flight should’ve taken place the week after. Anyways, this was how it was and the instructors did their best to change. It was just a mission impossible.

The next day, April 15th, I had my observation flight to Rome. Coincidence or not, Rome is one of my favorite destinations. I had the chance to follow the cabin crew from A-Z and ask them questions.

Oh and guess who had the best seat in the house?? ?

After this day, the course officially started. Firstly we had to go through 6 weeks of safety training to end the course with 3 weeks of commercial training. Let’s be honest here: those first six weeks were both one of the best but also worst in my life. I’m not gonna make this seem better, that would be dishonest. I have cried and doubted myself numerous times during the safety course. Everyday we had to study for a daily test to make sure we studied each evening. And boy, did we study hard. In the meantime we also had a wet (survival & rescue skills in water) and fire (how to get a fire out) drill.

We also had fun things such as 2 aircraft visits. Finally on the field again!

I’m happy to say that I passed my safety exam with 92,5% (minimum to pass is 75%).
Now we are in week 6. Time to get our uniforms on and focus on the commercial part of the job.

See you soon for journey #4!

Lots of love




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