A new title and a new part on my blog? Yep! From now on I’m planning to share my whole new life as a flight attendant by means of photo’s and my experiences. Just see it as a ‘my week in pictures’ style blogpost. I’m very excited about this new part on the blog. I will of course remain blogging as normal but this is my newest addition. Very curious about your thoughts. Let’s start with my first week as a flight attendant!

Yessss! I made it through the entire course. I received my wings on June 16th 2017 and it was one hell of an experience. A renown hairdresser from Belgium (Steven J Raes) showed us Some tips and tricks on how to do our hair. He also did some updo’s on our hair so we would look perfect for our wing ceremony.

But what is a wing ceremony? Well, at this point we all graduated. In stead of getting our diploma, we got our wings. The official sign we could be part of a cabin crew.

Three days after the ceremony, the time had come to start flying. Super official & extremely exciting. I was so nervous I had the works stomach cramps in my life. The first 10 flights are training flights so I’m in double with a coach or instructor. I immediately had a mission. This means I fly 3 days in a row with night stops. Here’s what it looked like for me:

Day 1, 20 June 2017: Brussels-Copenhagen-Brussels-Venice

Day 2, 21 June 2017: Venice-Brussels-Gothenburg

Day 3, 22 June 2017: Gothenburg-Brussels

I was looking forward to every single flight and I must admit, those 2 first flights went better than expected!

Unfortunately, I ate a bad sandwich when we arrived in Brussels. Not something I bought on board but one I took from home. I had forgotten to cool it ??‍♀️. This in combination with the stress of those first flights: NOT GOOD. I got so sick on board that I had to puke. I mean: what kind of a first impression is that? Luckily I could keep myself together during service on board & served our guests with a smile because you know: we do go the extra smile ?. Once the service was done I had to run to the toilet. So these night stops where not a great start. I was lucky to have such a nice and caring crew & instructor who really understood I did the best I could while being so sick. After arriving back in Brussels on day three, I immediately went to the doctors office who diagnosed me with a blocked stomach. She injected me with something to help me with that nausea & stomach ache.

Just before leaving Gothenburg. I was really feeling bad.

Yesterday, Friday 23 June 2017, was my 4th flight & 7th/8th stretch. Only 1 more flight and 2 stretches before I get released. I flew with the coolest crew to Lisbon and back to Brussels. My stomach was great, no pains & no puking! We had some problems with out buy on board machine but that couldn’t stop us from doing our jobs. Our guests on board were kind & understanding and they even told us we were a great cabin crew team. Team spirit is everything. And guess what? I finally found the time to take a descent picture!!!

Now I’m off for three days, until Monday. Resting & finding a balance between my healthy, sporty life & flying.

Let me know what you think about this blog post! Would you like to see more of these? If you have any suggestions, leave a comment down below. 

Lots of love,




  1. June 24, 2017 / 11:54

    You’re doing great!!! Meer van dit!

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