Here I am, back with week 2 of my crew life adventures. I was overwhelmed with your reactions on my first post. Thank you for that! It’s lovely to see this new part is welcomed so warmly. I’m writing this post on Sunday so It can come online Monday, the perfect way to end the previous week and start a new one. Where did I go to this week? Let’s find out!

Tuesday: June 27th 2017

After a well spend 3-day weekend, I restarted flying on Tuesday. Ahhhh the big day!! The day I had my release flight. This means that after this flight, if everything goes well, I am officially qualified cabin crew and I can fly without the help of a coach. My flight went to Barcelona on one of the most gorgeous planes our company owns: #Amare. It’s an airbus 320 in the Tomorrowland theme. Lately if you say you come from Belgium, most people will say: ‘Oh, Tomorrowland!’. Brussels Airlines has four airbus 320 called Belgian Icons. If you ever get a chance to fly with them, they are amazing!

 Like I said, I had my release flight on the #Amare on Tuesday. I don’t need to tell you how nervous I was, don’t you think? Luckily my crew was simply amazing! Before I even knew it, I got released. I was like: wait, I’m already released? How is this possible? I didn’t even knew they were already releasing me on my first flight. Maybe for the better, otherwise I would have been more nervous than I already was. The flight went by quickly and I was now a qualified cabin crew member.

The obligatory engine picture

Wednesday: June 28th 2017

Leaving on a mission ! (For the ones who missed my explanation about a mission: go to my first post.) Three days away from home, two nights in a hotel. Let’s have a look at the schedule:

Day 1, 28 June 2017: Brussels-Copenhagen-Brussels-Berlin

Day 2, 29 June 2017: Berlin-Brussels-Oslo

Day 3, 30 June 2017: Oslo-Brussels

My first flights all by myself. I introduced myself to the other crew members and immediately told them it was my first flight after being released. Tips and tricks were welcome! Everybody was super nice and was very eager to help out if needed. All of the flights were late flights. Or for me they were late. I am so used to doing early shifts that I really need to adjust to this new lifestyle of late working. Oh and guess what: I didn’t get sick! Whoop, whoop! We arrived late at night in Berlin so I immediately went to bed. I had a shopping date with our Purser so I had set my alarm at 7.30 am. This way I could squeeze in a short workout before having breakfast.

Wearing Falke & Ivy Park. Iphone cover by Antwerp Avenue.

To keep it quite short: we both suck at orientation. We can hardly read maps, mistook the Kurfürstenstrasse for the Kurfürstendamm and it started pouring rain outside. We took the wrong metro not once but three times. We got soaking wet because it started to rain cats and dogs BUT we had a very fun day and I got to see this cool church.

In the afternoon we got picked up at our hotel for our flights to Brussels and Oslo. Oh did I mention it wouldn’t stop raining? The traffic was a b**ch, sorry for the word choice but it really was! Our plane got delayed with one hour because of the rain. Nobody expected it to be this bad. Like we couldn’t even come outside.

You can see the rain drops on my jacket ??

 Our passengers got soaking wet whilst entering the aircraft, it was a disaster. Luckily we could make it up during service with our big smile and by helping people with their connections. On to Oslo!

We arrived in Oslo around midnight and I was still wide awake. Why? It was still freaking light!!! Say hello to Midsummer y’all. Apparently it got dark for one hour per night during one month before gradually going back to normal. IT WAS STUNNING. The Norwegian people had enough of it because they couldn’t sleep but for us, this was magic.

We stayed in the Radisson hotel straight across the airport. Super handy! No pick up needed from a car, we just had to cross the street. We agreed on having a calm day so I went to the gym where I worked out for about an hour doing some cardio LISS & an abs routine. Afterwards I took a bath whilst watching netflix (Just go with it movie) & I got ready to grap something to eat. To keep things easy because it was my first time in Oslo, I ate in the hotel. Trying to keep it as healthy as possible I took a falafel wrap. Afterwards I took a walk around the hotel & laid in the sun for a few minutes. It was 27 degrees Celsius, I had to enjoy that! Around 5 pm we went back home.

Saturday July 1st 2017

On our schedule today: a return flight to Florence, Italy. During the briefing with the flight crew it was clear that the weather was fantastic but the wind was NOT very favorable. It could be that we had to divert to Bologna which wouldn’t be great because the chances were great we had to stay there and  I was traveling without a toothbrush. Anyway, I got prepared for a Go-Around. This is a procedure that will be executed when pilots notice landing would be unsafe. They attempt a landing but immediately take off again. That’s a go around in a nutshell. Luckily that didn’t happen and we landed safely. We were stunned because apparently, we were the only plane able to land. All the rest had to divert to other airports. We left Florence again and arrived before time back in Brussels!

Sunday July 2nd 2017

The last day of the week but not the last flight before my I have a day off. Today we are going to Barcelona. An overbooked fight but we could board quickly & luckily hand baggage was not an issue on this flight.

We got back to Brussels and landed before time. I was so so happy until I realized I forgot my airport & company badge on board of the aircraft. I was seriously pissed off at myself. How could I forget? Thank God that our bus driver was still at our HQ and drove me back to the plane to get my badge. I got home around 1 am in stead of 12 am.

Today, Monday July 3rd, is my last flight of the week. I’m writing about it in my next crew life update!

Lots of love,



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