This week I’m combining 2 weeks together. I went on a little getaway to Nice so I didn’t fly that much during week 3. Anyway, lot’s of adventures to be told! 

Monday: July 3rd 2017

Ah only one more day before leaving on holiday myself! I had an early (like extreme early) flight to Heraklion, Crete. Sign in time was around 4:45 if I remember correctly. That day is kinda blurry because it was so so early. I do remember it was a long return flight. As it is the start of the summer season we left with 141 passengers and came back with 23 ?. Talking about an empty flight! We had a lot of time to do our job and helped passengers if they had questions. I got back home in the afternoon: time to pack my bags!

Saturday: July 8th 2017

My first day back to work after 4 days off. Immediately a huge shock because I had to get up early again to fly to Rhodes. With a super lovely crew I felt very comfortable as a newbie. So nice to have colleagues that help you if your a bit lost!

Sunday: July 9th 2017

The first day of my mission. Here’s the schedule:

Day 1, 9 July 2017: Brussels-Geneva-Brussels-London

Day 2, 10 July 2017: London-Brussels-Rome

Day 3: 11 July 2017: Rome-Brussels 

I flew with one of my ex ground colleagues who was in the same (cabin crew) class. That was so so fun! She had her birthday on Sunday so we had something to celebrate. Sign in to Geneva was in the afternoon. After our flights the entire crew had a drink together for our colleagues birthday. What a team spirit! After Londen we went to Rome where we also had a little birthday celebration. With the entire crew we went out to eat at a local restaurant. Like seriously local in the middle of nowhere but damn that was some good Italian food! We ordered some brushettas & mixed starters. Afterward I had a pizza & for desert Tiramisu. Had to enjoy that fun evening, didn’t I? Next time I might consider to spend some time in the swimming pool & eating a healthier dish though ?.

Wednesday July 12th 2017

My last flight before I had two days off. Not just any flight. I went to Tel Aviv! Unfortunately I had to fly back home. It’s one of the hardest flights we have on our short to medium distance flights schedule. It’s hard work on such a long flight. If you count our working hours for that day, we could have been in Chicago, even Bangkok! A long long day it was. I arrived exhausted and I was so so happy to be at home for the next two days. Rest & sleep!

Saturday July 15th 2017

Week 4 is almost over but this day I start my 7 day work week! Off to Florence. It’s a super fun destination but it’s also hard to land there: lot’s of wind & a short runway. It’s always possible to divert to Bologna because of these hateful factors. Luckily we landed in Florence. The weather seemed great & my crew was awesome.

Sunday July 16th 2017

The day the week ends for normal people. For me it was day 2 of 7 and I was off to Palermo, Sicily. This is such a beautiful Island. I’ve been here at the age of 9 and I still remember visiting the erupting Etna volcano & seeing those water bombers fly over our hotel. We arrived in quite cloudy weather conditions for the summer period but according to passengers it had been super sunny until now. Anyway, we couldn’t stay there and had to fly back to Brussels. I hope I can someday visit Sicily again.

This marks the end of my week 3 & 4. Tomorrow, Monday 17 July I fly to Toulouse & Madrid! See you next week ✈️??.

Lots of love,




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