I recently received the newest L’Oréal Hydra Genius Aloe Water to try out. I’ve aways been a fan of L’Oréal skincare products so I was very happy to have reveived this baby. I’ve been trying this product for the past two weeks now so it’s time for a little review!

L’Oréal Hydra Genius: what it says.

This water based moisturizer is formulated with Aloe Water and Hyaluronic acid to provide a dual action:

1: 72 hours of instant and continuous hydration

2: Mattifying action

     L’Oréal Hydra Genius offers a lightweight hydration that applies easy and absorbes quickly.

It’s a hydrating care, inspired by ‘liquid care’ from Asia. The secret behind it is a fluid texture, extremely concentrated in water with less oils than classic skin care creams.

– Aloe Vera: a reservoir of hydration rich in minerals and vitamins essential to hydrate and feed the skin.

– Hyaluronic Acid: an active natural source to be found in our own skin which can hold its own weight in water (like a sponge) for an intense hydration.

L’Oréal Hydra Genius Aloe Water & how does it work? 

There are two different products: one for normal to dry skin and the other for normal to mixed skin. They both have that same water like consistency. You can actually compare it with a serum. It’s a light blue/grayish lotion that needs to be used twice a day: in the morning and before bedtime. Before using it, I cleanse my face & apply it after my regular serum.

The scent is personal. I like it. It’s fresh and somehow reminds me of some kind of holiday. I know there are people who dislike it but perfums are completely subjective.

My opinion.

To be honest, I was pretty skeptic about the product. Not because of the product but because I was so used to sticking to my usual skincare routine. Eventually I persuaded myself in trying it out. Let’s just say I’m super glad that I did. After using the hydra genius for two weeks straight, it leaves my skin super hydrated. No itching, no greasiness, it feels perfect. The best thing is that it does not give me that ‘pulling’ feeling in my face. It just hydrates amazingly. I also haven’t gotten any blemishes while using this aloe water. This is the first time in months that my skin looks this clear.

Do I recommend this product? YES!

I’ve always loved product with aloe vera inside. And it makes sure my skin stays hydrated all day and my skin does not break out!

Price: €10,99 in your local drugstore.

Lots of love, 




  1. Kerlijne
    July 31, 2017 / 06:54

    Hee Eveline! Ik volg je al een tijdje op instagram en ben nu ook je blog beginnen lezen. Ik wilde via deze weg even laten weten dat ik je echt een ongelofelijke inspiratiebron vind! Je doet dit super goed!! Deze blogpost heeft me trouwens echt wel overtuigd om het product zelf ook te proberen, bedankt voor de info! Liefs!

    • Fit Ginger Eef
      July 31, 2017 / 11:06

      Wat leuk om te horen! Dank je wel ❤️

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