Finally, I managed to plan some blogging time! I’m so sorry it takes me this long to write blog posts again but with flying it’s super busy. Anyway let’s get to it. Today I’m taking you through another two weeks of flying.

I finished off last crew life post by telling that I was flying to Toulouse & Madrid on July 17th. Today we’re already August 5th!!! Time really flies by and I can’t keep up. Fortunately I found a new way to keep track of my flights and experiences by logging them into my new bullet journal. It’s just a new experience and I’ll try to blog about it when I’m further in that experience and everything goes well. Now, let’s talk flying.

Monday: July 17th 2017

On this Monday I flew to Toulouse & Madrid. Both very normal flights, nothing special. I was looking forward to our stay in Madrid. I had never been there and I already found out our hotel had a swimming pool. The day we arrived the temperature was 37 degrees Celsius, at 6 pm. Too hot for a swim and also too hot for a workout. Together with some crew members we had a drink outside in the shadow & went for a swim around 8 pm. Next up was a late dinner (I had a DELICIOUS burger) and straight to bed because of an early pick up.

Tuesday: July 18th 2017

Flying back home to Brussels!

Wednesday: July 19th 2017

Together with a fun crew, I flew to Nice. It was a very early sign in time: 5 am already. I was happy that it was a short flight! I was so so tired. Nice is really one of my favorite destinations to fly too. Unfortunately we flew straight back home. Maybe an idea for a night stop?

Thursday: July 20th 2017

One of my first night stops where I have some time to go exploring. We flew to Copenhagen in the morning so we had the entire afternoon to walk around in the city. Together with another colleague we went to Nyhavn & took a stroll through the shopping streets.

Friday: July 21st 2017

Flying back home to Brussels!

Tuesday: July 25th 2017

The first flight after a long weekend. Off to Las Palmas! An early sign in & a long day. Thankfully it went by very quick with a fun crew. The weather in Las Palmas was not what I expected but nevertheless I would love to visit the island during the winter season.??

I flew with the beautiful #AMARE ?

Wednesday: July 26th 2017

My first flight of the day was at 9:25 pm!!! Never had to drive to work at the end of the day. Luckily I knew I was flying with a colleague I’ve flown with before so I knew things where going to be awesome. This flight was off to London. We slept in the Novotel London Heathrow Airport, had a drink before going to bed. I had a lot of fun.?

Thursday: July 27th 2017

I woke up a bit earlier to get my workout in. That gym at the Novotel was great! Just what I needed. I took some breakfast afterwards and we left for Brussels. To end our day we flew to Nice and back to Brussels. The entire crew received such a great compliment from our purser: we made her have one of the best night stops and flights ever.

Friday: July 28th 2017

Unfortunately, today was one of those days you rather not have as a cabin crew member. Our schedule: Brussels-Toulouse-Brussels-Rome. Delay, delay, delay. Due to a technical issue we had to postpone our departure out of Toulouse. It was my first real experience with a delay on board. On the ground it was easy: you said the flight was delayed and that was it. No further questions. Well on board, you’re not coming off that quickly. Anyway, we handled it great. The passengers were very understanding but quite concerned about connecting flights. I totally understood so I gave them all the information I could provide at that point. Together with my colleagues we tried to give the best service possible in this unforeseen circumstance. When we thought the problem was solved, we had the same issue when we landed in Brussels before leaving to Rome. Another delay but with other passengers. This was one hell of a day. I do got the chance to had a small talk with one of my ex colleagues at ground operations. So fun to be able to catch up with them when I see them. After 1h30 we were off to Rome. I had a quick meal and went straight to bed. My idea of going to Rome city was shattered because of the delay. Hopefully I can go back soon again and go to the Colosseum.

Saturday: July 29th 2017

Returning back to home base!

Sunday: July 30 2017

Again a quick flight to Nice. Perfect at the end of the week. Early sign in but back home at noon. Nothing better than that!

Monday: July 31st 2017

Ending the month and week by flying to Paris Charles De Gaule. My first ever flight to this destination. A very quick one: 40 minutes but very intense though. Lots of connection passengers on our long haul destinations.

These were my two following weeks. I’ll be coming back to you for crew week #7 next week!

Lots of love



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