Tiffany & Co.: one of the most legendary names in the world. Who doesn’t know the movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s. All that the lady wanted was some Tiffany & Co. jewerly, who can blame her? Besides those gorgeous (and for me not affordable) jewels, Tiffany & Co. now also has a signature fragrance to add to their list of unending great things. Receiving an invite to go to the launch of their perfume was a dream. All I need fragrance 

The scent

Tiffany & Co. introduced it’s new signature -daring- scent, created by the world famous master perfumer Daniela Andrier van Givaudan. The sparkling floral musk is a contemporary vision on the most valuable ingredients of the traditional haute perfumery. The scent opens with sparking top notes of the mandarin leaf. In the heart, the precious iris flower plays the main lead. Through hydro distillation, the iris butter is obtained. This extract, which is exclusive for the Tiffany scent, gives a pure, clear, sensual and long fullness until the last note. Basic notes of patchouli, surrounded by a softening blend of musk, feel sensual on the skin.

The bottle

The glass flask of the Tiffany & Co. scent is inspired by the most iconic cut diamond of the house. The base reminds us of the 128.54 carat Tifanny diamond – probably the most rare yellow diamond in the world- while the pure geometrical lines of the shoulders the Lucinda-cut diamond engagement ring reflects the house. There’s a hint of the Tiffany blue around the neck which reflects the house’s typical T-model, the very cear blue juice shows off the lines of the flask. Hidden below the cap is a metal plate engraved with the Tiffany & Co. brand. Like every Tiffany & Co. creation, this perfume also comes in the signature Tiffany Blue Box.

The campaign

For this campaign, Tiffany & Co. hired the world famous photographer Steven Meisel. They stayed true to the essential elements: Tiffany Blue, diamonds, skin and scent. Everything in the advertisement reminds us that Tiffany is all you need.

Tiffany Event

Tiffany & Co invited me to come and discover their new signature scent on October 24th. The entire Tiffany & Co. store in Brussels was prepped for this event. We got a chance to smell the scent in premiere and even to try out the jewelry that was displayed. Did I mention I found my perfect engagement ring? Only downside: 9400€. My boyfriends started to sweat badly haha.
It was a super fun event, met lots of people. I can honestly say: one of the coolest events I had in my 1 year blog career. Thank you so much to Greet from Apple Tree PR & Daphne from Coty to invite me to this perfect evening.

(Pictures by Jeroen Roest)

My opinion on the scent

The scent is very specific. All the notes that I described above are very noticeable. Either you like it or not, it’s different for everybody (just like any other perfume). I actually liked it and to me the scent is perfect for fall and winter because it has heavy notes and also fresh notes.

You can find the perfumes now at your authorized perfume & drug store. The perfect holiday gift!


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