Hi guys. I’m so excited that I can finally share this news with you. I’ve been selected to be in the newest L’Oréal accord parfait (internationally known as true match) campagne on national tv!!! This is so surreal, I still can’t believe it. In this post I’m taking you a bit behind the scenes, explaining what I did and how I felt.

I first received an email by L’Oréal to ask if I was interested to do a casting for a new campaign of Accord Parfait. All I needed to do was send a little video with some info about me and my history with foundation. I remember saying to Michaël (my boyfriend): OMG, I just received this mail from L’Oréal and they ask me to do a casting for their newest campaign. I was in shock, literally. I wanted to decline because I was so sure I would make a fool out of myself. It was Michaël who said it was a once in a lifetime opportunity so I did it, I had send my little video and went on the casting September 1st. I was one hell of a lucky girl to be off on that day because it’s the day that school starts here in Belgium. Every parent will ask for a day off so obviously I didn’t even try to ask it! Anyway: super grateful for that day off.

Together with Michaël I went to the L’Oréal Belgium HQ in Brussels. I met the beautiful Jessica from Antwerp Avenue in real life and she is just so damn kind and pretty! The casting that day existed out of answering a few questions while looking into a camera. I was super nervous because I had never done that before. It all went very smooth & after 15 minutes I was heading back home. Talking about a quick casting! I would get a mail if I was selected for the tv campaign, photo campaign or both.

And there it was, about two weeks later. An email, stating that I was selected to be in both the television and digital campaign. I just didn’t know what happened. I thought they made a mistake! But they didn’t. My family, friends were so damn proud of me and yes I was proud of myself too.

The shooting itself was so much fun but yet very awkward. Never had I done anything like that before so I had to get used to all the equipment. It took about 7 hours to shoot the entire campaign, including pictures.

All I can say is: thank you L’Oréal for this opportunity. Marie-Lise & Caroline for believing in me, Paul for the gorgeous natural look, the film & photography crew for making sure I looked my best. BEST BIRTHDAY GIFT EVER!

Here are some BTS pictures, the campaign pictures, the link to the commercial & my personal story. Follow L’Oréal on Instagram & Facebook to see more little how to video’s.

TV commercial Dutch

TV commercial French

Personal story Dutch/French

You can find me in stores & see me on tv until November 26th (Belgium)


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