Hi there you gorgeous humans! What was your first reaction hearing & seeing that Maybelline was collaboration with Gigi Hadid for a makeup collection? Mine was pretty much: OMG OMG OMG. I seriously was stalking both Instagram pages to get that first look of the collection. Then I said to myself: the minute this makeup line comes in store, I’m buying the shit out of it! Luckely, Maybelline had me covered and send some products that I could test and try out. The best part: it came by mail in my birthday week so … thank you Maybelline.

The first product I received from Maybelline was the Jetsetter Palette. A must have from the collection. Unfortunately I learned that this one is not available in Europe. If I understood correctly, I guess you can only buy it in the USA but I’m not sure so please do recheck! This Jetsetter palette is just so handy, especially in the morning when you don’t have a bunch of time left. I, as a flight attendant, adore this palette because it saves me some time. I don’t have to look in my makeup bag for all the products.

Now, what’s in the palette:

2 concealers: 1 light & 1 darker || 2 lip balms: 1 nude & 1 pinkish || 4 eye shadow colors for a subtle yet perfect eye look. It has a highlighting eye shadow, a base eye shadow, crease eye shadow & black eye shadow to use as a liner. || 1 coral/orange blush || 1 contour/bronzer ||1 highlighter || 1 mini mascara.

As always, I’m no big fan of the brushes that come with the palette. The eye shadow brush is ok but the flat brush … I already cut myself on my cheek with that thing so that’s no keeper. Further, I really like the colors that come in the palette. Just be careful with all of the powders & eye shadows. The crumble real quickly and that’s such a waste of product. The pigmentation is awesome but don’t press the colors too hard. Just lightly sweep. My favorite from the entire palette is the highlighter. I mean OMG! How gorgeous is that!!! I’ve gotten so many complements after using that highlight, it’s crazy! Honestly, I get lots of compliments when using the entire palette.It’s very neutral yet super chic.

I received a bunch of the other collection a few days later by mail. I got items from both the East coast as West Coast glam.

East coast glam works with colder colors and prefers a nude lip with a smokey lined out eye while the West coast glam works with much warmer colors and a red lip. How to keep them apart? That’s super easy. The West Coast has a more silver look & the East Coast is gold.

East Coast

West Coast

Here are the items I have received. I already had a chance to use the Taura lipstick and liner from the East Coast collection and I’m really digging this color. It’s one of those nude colors you need to have. I’m super excited to try out the rest of the collection!

The Gigi Hadid x Maybelline collection is already available at all Di stores & online via Kruidvat. The Kruidvat shop should follow starting the sales as from mid November.


East Coast glam: Lipliner: €8.49 | Lipstick: €9.99 | Eye contour palette: €17.99 | Strobing Liquid: €12.99 | Tinted primer: €12.99 | Eyeliner pencil: €9.99 | Liquid eyeliner: €10.99 | Fiber Mascara: €15.99

West Coast glam: Lipliner: €8.49 | Lipstick: €9.99 | Eye shadow palette: €19.99 | Strobing Liquid: €12.99 | Tinted primer: €12.99 | Eyeliner pencil: €9.99 | Wings Mascara: €13.99

These products were send to me by Maybelline to test and review. My opinion is as always honest and true. Everything told in this post reflects the Belgian market.


    • Fit Ginger Eef
      November 20, 2017 / 10:56

      Ja he!!! Ben er gek op. Heb net de oogschaduw getest en die is prachtig✨✨

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