Hi there beauties! Monday, November 20th ‘which is just one day after my birthday), I had a 2 night layover in Copenhagen. Of course I asked my bestie Tessa (Anverelle) to come with me. Best part: she had her birthday November 10th so this was kinda OUR birthday trip together. We had 24 hours in Copenhagen so we decided to make it a trip to remember. While packing my bag I was deciding what kind of outfit I would love to wear. I picked out my newest burgundy velvet over the knee boots from Wonders shoes and went for that French look in Copenhagen.

What’s not to love about over the knee boots? I’m especially talking about these burgundy velvet ones from Wonders shoes. I’m not a lover of these boot ( or any other over the knee boot) with a jeans but I can totally understand if you love that look. I’m just more of a skirt/dress kinda girl when I’m wearing these kind of boots.

You may or may not believe this but I got Tessa to confirm this story: I walked the entire day on these shoes throughout Copenhagen and I never had the tiniest pain from the heels or fitting. I mean: how awesome is that? These shoes are so comfortable that you don’t even notice your walking in heels. My mom always says: I can walk the entire globe with these shoes. At this point I can say the same. I never had such comfortable heels ever in my life! We shot this pictures in gorgeous Nyhavn, one of Copenhagen’s hotspots. The cute colored houses never seem to disappoint on film.

I paired the shoes with a vinyl mini skirt, oversized white sweater, burgundy baret and my nude Gucci bag. I really like this look as you can wear it for a family party or for a stroll out (since the shoes are soooo comfortable).

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H&M oversized sweater or H&M merino wool sweater Stradivarius burgundy baretNude Gucci Marmont bagBershka vinyl mini skirtWonders shoes burgundy over the knee boots 



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