Hi there you gorgeous creatures. Is it also bothering you that your hair does not stay straight long enough after straightening? I mean, we’ve all been there. You just straightened your hair and whoops, there it is: that first curl coming back. Unless you’ve got some serious straight hairs already. Who doesn’t want straight hairs for days? Thanks to the new limited editionL’Oréal x Rowenta Midnight in Paris steampod we can all have the straight hair of our dreams.

You guys might think: here she goes with her sponsored post. Well, it might be sponsored but I’ve never been this happy about a product as now. I’ve been testing the L’Oréal x Rowenta steampod for a couple of weeks and boy oh boy … that’s some good sh*t. Never have I been more happy about my hair as now. I really don’t want to use anything else anymore. My hair stays straight for 4 and maybe even 5 days (if I’m too lazy to wash ze hairs). For work I have to put my hair in a ponytail because it’s a bit too long to let it loose and guess what: you don’t even see the slightest curl from your elastic. I also tried out the steampod on my bestie’s hair: Tessa from Anverelle. As a beauty blogger she knows what’s she’s looking for in beauty items. She fell in love with the steampod. Nothing more to say here.

Now how did I use the L’Oréal x Rowenta Midnight in Paris steampod? I firstly washed my hair with the L’Oréal professional serie expert B6 + Biotine Infuser range. No need to pick out a specific shampoo but this is one of my favorites at the moment. So I used: the anti breakage shampoo, strengthening anti breakage mask & strengthening anti breakage smoothening cream (which are the three first products). The other two are a leave in overnight  anti breakage serum and an anti breakage detangling spray to make your hair brush proof.

Available at your L’Oréal professional hairdresser or specialized shops.

With the steampod, I received to specific products meant to use only with the steampod, giving even better results. I’m talking about the milk & oil serum.

I also tested the steampod without the use of these two products, works great as well. The products do not make my hair greasy, better yet: it appears that my hair gets less greasy ever since I’m using the steampod. I don’t really know if that is because of this but it seems to be.

How does it work? Just add demineralized water to the separate waterreservoir.

The smallest piece on the right is the water reservoir. Fill until max.

You can choose the temperature that’s perfect for your hair by checking out the guidelines of the steampod. Mine is always on 210 degrees Celsius. Turn on the steampod and in just a few seconds you’re ready to straighten your hair. It usually takes me about 5 minutes to get that long lasting super straight hair. Super easy!✨

These are my 5 stages to perfectly straight hair in pictures:

To give you a bit of an insight in how long my hair stayed straight, I took a some pictures the days after using the steampod.??

PS: this is the ultimate gift for Christmas. NOT KIDDING. Put it on your wishlist. ??❤️


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  1. December 19, 2017 / 09:28

    Wauw, wat een prachtig resultaat! Ik ben helemaal verzot op de steampods en dit exemplaar is echt prachtig!

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