Hello there sweetest readers. Today I’m back with a new article about the Sony h.ear on 2 mini wireless headphones. I received them at the Sony event about a month ago and I cannot live without them anymore. Perfect colors, perfect size and perfect sound.

Sony H.ear 2 on mini wireless headphones

These headphones were introduced again in pastel colors to appeal to the feminine public. It’s seen an a perfect fashion accessory.

The light headband adjusts perfectly to your head shape and hairdo, making you look great all the time. If you’re planning on not wearing the h.ear on 2 mini wireless, you can perfectly fold it making them super easy to take with you.

The sound quality is higher than CD quality with high resolution audio. It feels like the artist is performing in front of you. Did I mention it is a bit noise reducing?

With the special Headphones connect app from Sony (free) you can fine tune your sound. This means that you can change the sound settings from your smartphone via an app.

With the all day battery, you can listen to music from day to night. The battery lasts for 24 hours (when fully charged) and if you only got time for a quick charge: 10 minutes are enough for 90 minutes music fun.

If you don’t want to use the jack included, that’s no problem! Just use Bluetooth to connect the headphones to your phone, laptop or other devices.

My thoughts on the Sony h.ear 2 on mini wireless headphones

The last few months I already wanted to switch from regular in ears to headphones. Why? No issues with ears not fitting correctly or falling out. When Sony gave me these headphones I was seriously on cloud nine. It was a few days before my birthday so I definitely see this as one of the coolest gifts you can get.

I (or my friend, boyfriend) tested the h.ear 2 on mini wireless in all kind of conditions. I tested it while working out. It’s definitely a great product to add to your workouts. The sound is perfect and you don’t have the annoying background voices of music while in the gym or even at home. I have an extreme focus! Just what I need.

My best friend Tessa from beauty blog Anverelle tested the headphones in the airplane on the way to Copenhagen. While I was working she was having the best time trying out the h.ear 2 on mini wireless. She told me that it was definitely noise reducing. The background noises were a lot less with the headphones and it didn’t affect the music coming out. Sometimes while listening to music on board of an aircraft you hear the engines through your music. Well … she said that it was almost gone. That she could enjoy her music the fullest without background noise.

My boyfriend tested the headphones on his laptop with the use of the jack. Now what is a jack? It’s the thing you use to plug in your earphones into your phone or other device so you don’t need to use your Bluetooth. Whenever I’m at home and he’s with me, he’ll always ask me to use the h.ear 2 on mini wireless. Why? Because he can be totally into the zone. It’s just him and his music/YouTube/movies. He might want one for himself so I know what to buy!

Is the h.ear 2 on mini wireless worth the buy? Yes, absolutely! It’s the perfect item to have when you love music.

How much does the h.ear 2 on mini wireless cost? Via the Sony website it’s 220€ or 199$.

This is definitely a perfect Christmas present for male and female readers.

Thanks again to Sony & lvtpr for this amazing gift.


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